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Sticking with the Vegan theme this week here is the promised food festival post!! I had a really lovely afternoon sampling all the tasters on offer & got to discover a bunch of great places to try again. It was a super busy event with lots to see & just had an amazing atmosphere. It was lovely to be surrounded by a bunch of people all in the same mindset enjoying each others company.

@spice_box ||

Let’s just say even though the atmosphere was amazing; it was definitely a day all about food. To kick off with Jacob & I headed to the Spice Box because we’re both curry people. Since changing our diet we are on the look out for a fab Indian so we can still gorge on take-out. Its safe to say the Spice Box did not disappoint; the food was amazing & I just wanted more!! I was trying not to eat too much so I could sample the others but this was definitely one of the best dishes on offer. Can’t beat a bit of curried cauliflower!!

@petareuk ||

Next stop was the “chip butty” which would be would the cure to anyone’s greasy cravings. Even though in general it was quite a light dish it was jam packed with goodies & the “mayo” was divine. I wasn’t too keen on the greasiness of the dish but if you don’t mind a bit of mess this is for you. Plus who could fault the presentation?

@lemlemkitchen ||

Onto the African taster which wasn’t one of my favourites. I’m not a big fan of fragrant food which is probably why it wasn’t for me. Even though I was excited to try a taco alternative I probably wouldn’t attempt this at home. It seemed to be a crowd favourite but I think it was a step too soon for my new vegan taste buds. On the other hand you can’t deny the creativity & the colours used are beautiful.

During the event you also received a free drink of your choice alongside the tasters with your ticket. There was a lot of different options but of course I went for a fruity cocktail which was refreshing & delicious. Wandering around listening to the music & seeing all the business owners showing their talents really puts you in good spirits.

@greedykhao ||

Even though we are curry people Jacob & I haven’t tried a lot of Thai food so we didn’t know what to expect from this dish. It looked beautiful & smelt great but it wasn’t a hit for me. As I said I’m not a huge fan of fragrant dishes & right now we are trying to love tofu but not quite getting there. We’re hoping that making a few home cooked meals will get our taste buds up to scratch. I’m not giving up on tofu just yet but for now this dish wasn’t for me.


Here’s where I made a mistake & forgot to take a picture of this dish (trust me!!) but I did really enjoy it. The “chicken” slider was really great & I love the crunchy meat alternative. The sauce was slightly to sweet for me but this was definitely one of my favourite vendors.

@eatchayclub ||

Next another favourite of the day!! I actually really enjoyed this baguette even if it was harder to eat with the crunchiness. Even though I’m not a big fan of mushrooms I actually really enjoyed the pate. It was such a simple yet really enjoyable snack. Would definitely make a good lunch option.

@biffsjackshack ||

Another new texture to get used to is jackfruit which was on offer from Biff’s jack shack which were serving up “wings”. I really enjoyed the idea of this dish & the taste of all the spices but I was slightly put off by the crunchy to sloppy texture. I hadn’t had jackfruit prior but I’ve heard it’s a really good meat alternative so I’ll give it another go but maybe in a more crunchy dish. I’m not one for wet textures.

@youngvegans ||

Last but not least was Young Vegans mud pies which were amazing. Finding vegan alternatives to deserts is definitely on my list & this was a big hit. I love nutty flavours so I really enjoyed this even if Jacob wasn’t as keen. You really can’t go wrong with a gooey chocolate pudding!! It was the best way to end the festival.


All in all I had a fabulous day; it was a great way to explore more vegan alternatives & broaden my taste buds. I may not have enjoyed all the dishes but I found a bunch of places to try again. The food festival was set up really well & the tickets were super cute. I loved the whole atmosphere & would definitely go next year. It was easy to find & even if you’re a little lost follow the huge arrow & you’ll be fine!! I’ve been doing a bunch of research for local restaurants & I’m excited to try more vegan food in the near future.

Shelley xx

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