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I have been planning this post for blooming ages & now it’s finally got a spot in my schedule. It’s time to share with you the new skincare range that has changed my skin for the better; Liz Earle! You’ve probably seen it on a few blogs already but that’s actually what prompted me to try it. I actually discovered this brand a while ago but it just took me a while to really commit to trying it but after seeing Maria raving about it I knew I had to give it a go.

I decided if I was going to try the range then I may as well go all in & purchase a whole bunch. I took full advantage of boots freebie option so I got even more for my money. In the end I purchased the cleanse & polish starter kit, instant boost skin tonic, deep cleansing mask kit which came to £48 which meant I recieved a Liz Earle duo of intensive nourishing mask & gentle face exfoliator. I think I did pretty well with how much I spent & I did get a bunch of boots points out of it too..A Liz Earle Review - cleanse & polish A Liz Earle Review - instant boost skin tonic

Now its time to explain to you how this range has changed my skin because it really work wonders. The first product that you’ve probably see everyone rave about is the cleanse & polish which was the one product I really wanted to try. I bought the starter kit so it came with two muslin cloths rather than trying to hunt down a suitable cloth. I have to admit this is now my go to product, I use it to remove my makeup every time & well it really get rid of product. I never thought I’d end up as a cleanser kinda gal but this has converted me! Plus it doesn’t burn your eyes so that’s always a bonus with any makeup remover product. The cloths are amazing too so I would highly suggest getting the starter kit.

The skin tonic is my next step in the routine & it really is soothing. It reduces redness & well just makes your skin feel settled. I usually add an oil on top or a cream to add moisture but after scrubbing my face the tonic is the best next step. The bottle is a little weird but apart from that it’s a wonder product.A Liz Earle Review - products side view A Liz Earle Review - gentle face exfoliator

We all know I love an exfoliator & well my skin is pretty sensitive so I went for the gentle option. I love that this product has jojoba beads because it replicates our skins natural sebum. This product is really easy to use & is gentle on the skin so was what I was looking for. It’s not necessarily my go to exfoliator because I’ve purchased different ones since but I love the ingredient so do use it when I just want to get rid of slight dryness.

I didn’t plan on buying face masks because I’m pretty lazy with them but I wanted that free product so I went for the deep cleansing mask. I wanted something to really get rid of the dead skin & leave my face feeling smooth. This mask definitely does the but it does tend to leave my skin feeling sensitive. I think it’s a little harsh on my skin especially around the eye area so I tend to use it very sparingly. The intensive nourishing mask is the complete opposite & I love it. It just gives my skin that much needed hydration boost & it leaves your skin feeling super soft. I would definitely recommend this if you’re planning to try one of the Liz Earle masks. A Liz Earle Review -deep cleansing mask & intensive nourishing treatment mask

I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to purchase Liz Earle because I thought it was for older skin, it just seems more for a mature audience but in reality it’s work magic for mine. I have less breakouts & my skin is softer than ever. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying who the target audience appears to be & just work with what product works for me. Liz Earle skincare is so easy to choose from because they tailor their range to different skin types & there’s plenty of information on their site about each product.

I can quite easily say this range will be staying in my skin routine for a very long time. I have been converted & I’m very happy I took the plunge!

Shelley xx

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