Looking Back On 2019 Fondly

Looking Back On 2019 - polka dot mini dressIt’s that time again when we all start to reminisce about the year we’ve had & look forward to the year about to sneak up on us. I can quite happily say I’m looking back on 2019 fondly & looking forward to 2020. I really enjoyed 2019 even though it was actually a tad difficult. I had the best things happen but also some of the worst.

I know people get a little bored of these posts but you know what I really like them. Plus as this blog is a personal archive I really like being able to look back on each year & see how I’ve changed.

Let’s get started shall we…

Looking back on 2019

January to March

  • I kicked off 2019 with a little secret; I was pregnant & very excited about it. Round about this time my morning sickness was beginning to ease up so I was finally able to start enjoying it. Honestly Christmas was hellish because I was barely eating & everything made me sick.
  • I started the year by treating myself to extensions which I absolutely adored. At least at first; then they got all gluey & annoying but I still liked having long hair. I’ll just never get glue extensions again!
  • We then had our 12 week scan & found out we we’re 4 weeks further along. We then decided to tell our family & friends which was very exciting. Nerve wracking but exciting nonetheless.
  • I somehow won against the Instagram algorithm & made a post that went crazy. Honestly I don’t get how or why but I am yet to recreate that amount of reach or views or saves or shares!
  • I made my first Dr Martens purchase of the year & well that lead to many more.
  • Jacob & I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend. I kind of loved it but also didn’t really get the hype. We did eat lots of good food & visited the Anne Frank museum though.
  • We finally announced we were pregnant & you guys were bloody fab. Never felt so loved by my followers & readers.

April to June

  • I made Jacob queue for hours in the Spectrum sample sale & grabbed a bunch of bargains. I blooming love their stuff.
  • I posted my first bump photo at 20 weeks which was bloody lovely. It suddenly all felt truly real now my bump was growing.
  • We also found out we were having a little boy which I was so excited about. All we had to do was plan names.
  • We spent a lot of time with Jacob’s family & took multiple trips to the caravan. Lots of ice cream was consumed!!!
  • Then in May we decided to move house during my third trimester & over Jacob’s birthday. Safe to say it was hard work & not best timed. I also found out some terrible family news on the day which threw me right off.
  • I also then went into hospital because I was in early labour. It was ridiculously scary & a tough time for us all.
  • Luckily I came out of hospital on bed rest so we spent a lot of time preparing the nursery & doing what we could as I rested.
  • I lasted a whole 4 weeks before I actually went into labour so Jasper was born on the 16th of June. He perfectly timed it to fall on Father’s Day but he was still 7 weeks early.
  • We spent the rest of June in the NICU with our little man. It definitely felt longer than 2.5 weeks but we were blessed he came home so early.

Looking Back On 2019- polka dot mini dress(Dress: Zara sale | Boots: Old Topshop)

July to September

  • Then we spent the rest of summer exploring with our little man. He had trips to the caravan (a lot more ice cream was consumed), trips to the beach, visited his grandparents in Surrey & spent days snoozing with us. It was the best time ever. Very scary to be in charge of a very tiny human but honestly so wonderful.
  • We also got good family news!
  • I started back at college on an access course ready for my next step.

October to December

  • Halloween came around quick & we did all the fun thing; pumpkin picking, home decor shopping & dressing up. Halloween is my favourite time so we went a little overboard.
  • I spent November starting a new business making fibre art & learning new skills.
  • In December we took a trip to London to see my family & see All killa no filla live. Then I took another trip with Freya for shopping & adult time.
  • We finished off the year celebrating Christmas with family, friends & just enjoying ourselves.

Lord after writing that all down it feels like such a busy year even though it didn’t feel like it. I really enjoyed every moment & to be honest looking back on 2019 is really fun. I think the fact I was pregnant really made me love it even though that was one of the scariest moments.

I’m really looking for to 2020; we’ve already got Vegas booked & Jasper will be turning one. It already feels exciting. I’d love to know what your highlight of 2019 was & if you’ve got any fun things planned for 2020.

Shelley xx

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