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outfit- Lucy and yak rainbow dungarees & dr marten sandalsThrowing it back to those summer days because today I want to put a spotlight on a brand; Lucy & Yak. Its a brand I discovered this summer but it’s also a brand that makes up a lot of my current wardrobe thanks to their amazing dungarees. We are talking about the perfect store for people who love colour, comfort & conscious clothing.

This ties in with my slow styling series which is still a thing but I’m not rushing it guys. My style in ever evolving so I’m still working it out but I can tell you one thing; dungarees will always been well loved.

There’s nothing better than a piece of clothing that not only looks good but is ridiculously comfortable. I have a lot of dungarees & most of them are from Lucy & Yak. I love how easy they are to style; layer up or just chuck a crop underneath & let them do the talking.

outfit- Lucy and yak rainbow dungarees & dr marten sandals

outfit- Lucy and yak rainbow dungarees & dr marten sandals

Shirt: Sobey’s vintage (Cardiff) | Dungarees: Lucy & Yak | Sandals: Dr Martens

Who are Lucy & Yak?

Let’s start with who they are; Lucy & Yak are a handmade independent & sustainable clothing brand started by Lucy & Chris. They started off selling handmade goods while travelling the world but decided to come back to the UK & live in a van named Yak. That’s where they started selling vintage clothes from before deciding to manufacturer their own! They decided to travel to find the perfect business to work with & that’s how they found Ismail who creates their designs in India.

They started off small with 30 dungarees photographed by Christ & modelled by Lucy. They sent their items back home to be sold on depot & starting selling out like crazy. Then their website was born & they returned to the UK to pursue Lucy & Yak dungarees!

Why do I love their brand?

You mean apart from their awesome dungarees?

Well now I’m on an anti fast fashion course I am trying to only shop from stores who are ethical & well Lucy & Yak are just that. They strive to be a sustainable company that not only produces quality products from ethical materials but also provide a respectful environment for their staff. That means providing a safe working environment but also paying living wage to them all.

Other than all the good stuff they do as a company I just very happy to have found a store that provides such interesting clothing. As much as I love a monochrome look I also love to have bought colours & fab prints in wardrobe. They’ve definitely found a gap in the market & I’m more than happy to keep adding their products to my closet.

outfit- Lucy and yak rainbow dungarees & dr marten sandals

What’s so special about Lucy & Yak dungarees?

Time to talk about their signature item which I own quite a few pairs. Now I’m going to put this out there first; they aren’t cheap. It’s true; they aren’t the most affordable pair of dungarees on the market but the price is justified. The quality is fab & the designs are really original & standout.

I own a lot of dungarees & I have to say Lucy & Yak’s design is my favourite. They aren’t figure hugging (even though people have alter them to be so) but they aren’t stupidly baggy. They are comfortable, functional & stylish! Simple as that.

I currently own a striped, a rainbow, a corduroy, an orange wide legged dungaree as well as a checkered short dungarees  & a pink striped dress. Okay that sounds a lot but I just really love their designs!

They have also started to release so many more items alongside new dungarees. I actually have my eye on their bag, their undies & some of their trousers. They also now do jackets & fleeces.

As you can tell Lucy & Yak dungarees make up a lot of my newly reduced wardrobe & they are a brand that has made this new journey into sustainable living so much easier. My bank account may not be best pleased & I apologise in advance to yours but I had to finally share this brand on the blog.

Do you own anything by Lucy & Yak & if not is there anything you’ve now got your eye on?

P.s If you would like to make a purchase I have a referral code which gives you 5% off & gives me points. The rainbow ones I’m wearing are sold out but will be restocked!

Shelley xx

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