Lush’s lotions and potions || Review

Left: Skin shangri la 

Right: BB seaweed 

I’m a huge lover of Lush, it’s perfect for me since I’m allergic to so many things. Only problem is I’ve slightly become addicted to Lush, oops, but they are great. Recently when I was in Wales I was treated to a new Lush face mask and moisturiser. 

The two products were carefully chosen for me by the shop assistant who had a mini consultation with me regarding my skin. I got to test the most suitable moisturisers and finally choose shangri la as it seemed the best suited to my skin and choose bb seaweed after receiving a lovely hand mask from the lady. As someone with a skin condition its meant to be very healthy for my skin alongside the oatifix which I had used previously. If you are considering buying lush producs I would recmmend speaking to any of the assistants for help as they are so lovely and always trained extrememly well to recommend their products on offer. Now for reviews. 

Skin Shangri La

So this was rather pricey considering the little tub you get, but for me personally it suited my skin type and worked well with my skin condition. It’s slightly heavier than the other moisturisers and doesn’t have a particular scent, even though it does smell amazing. I would recommend this for a winter moisturiser especially if you get quite dry skin. I use it in the evening once all my make-up is off, and it has been helping treat my skin. Considering the small pot it does seem to last a while, however I do use it only on my cheeks, chin and any problem areas that crop up. One thing I love about this is it doesn’t expire till next year so I have time to use it all. 

BB Seaweed

I love this face mask as it sits well on the face. The previous face mask I bought seemed to slip and I’d find it was difficult to spread. This face mask on the other hand spreads easily and sticks well. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and the pieces of seaweed also help exfoliate the skin while washing off which is always a plus. The only thing I dislike is the expiration date as I haven’t used it all and it goes off soon. 

Shelley xx

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