Major Changes & Moving On

This is an odd post to write; its odd because my previous posts on my social media don’t really portray this new change. It’s odd because I don’t quite know how to explain myself fluidly. I guess I’m just going to have jump into it and be as clear as I can. Maybe grab a cuppa and some biscuits beforehand!!

Okay, so people say your 20s are all about finding yourself, working out who you are, what you want and what you really don’t want. I guess I’ve learnt that. I guess I’ve found out a bunch of stuff about my life this past year. My 20s are full of awkward moments, stress, worry and some rather marvellous experiences.

I’ve spent the past four years with one person working towards a joint future and now things are brand new. As you can guess my long term relationship has ended. I can’t pretend to be the innocent in the situation and completely broken hearted because it was my decision. My feelings had changed, my worries had become too much and I needed a moment of solace to reflect on me and me only. I’m not going to sit hear and explain the ins and outs but it happened and its changed a lot about my current life.

I’ve moved back home; totally weird, going from living independently to being back in the family home is a strange feeling. I can’t complain because my family are amazing taking me back once again. I ironically moved back to England exactly two years to the day I moved to Wales originally. Only I could have that happen to me. So It’s my first day back in England, I’m not quite sure what’s happening or what I’m going to do but I can’t really change it. I’ve left so many fabulous people back in Wales, I’ve left the most brilliant team of work friends and the family I created. I can’t wait to go back soon and see everyone.

I guess the main stress of my break-up was the move, It’s hard enough to let go of someone you’ve been in love with let alone everyone who are incredibly special to you. Now I’ve got to work out how to move on with my life; do I stay in the hair industry and try to get a salon job? Do I get a basic full time job and save like crazy? Do I save and buy a one way ticket to travel? Well I have no bloody idea.  All I know is my 20s have shaped my life and I’m still not quite sure what the hell I’m doing.

I guess I wrote this to let you guys know that I am taking some time off; to regroup and get my head together. I won’t be writing too many posts and the majority will probably be more lifestyle than outfits as I am in need of a new camera now!!

Shelley xx

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