Making The Decision To Come Off The Contraceptive Pill

Making The Decision To Come Off The Contraceptive Pill - selfie in the sky garden

The contraceptive pill has always been a big thing. It’s constantly in the news; be that good or bad & well it’s always been an option for most of us. It’s not till recently that I’ve seen a lot off people decide to come off the pill for several reasons. It seems to be the new thing & well with all that information out there we can now make more informed choices. I decided to come off the contraceptive pill in Autumn & now I feel ready to discuss the decision & the aftermath.

My contraceptive story

We can’t really talk about my decision to come off the pill without really delving into my history with it so here’s my story. I have been on the pill since my periods started which was around 15 (late bloomer I know) & well I think I pretty much started it on my second or third period.

I could not handle the pain of a period & my mother couldn’t watch me go through that pain either so off we went to the doctors. The GP suggested I go on the pill to control the pain & to y’no be safe so I did. I think I tried Microgynon initially but after a few months moved to Cilest. They are both combined pills.

Combined pills contain two hormones & are useful in reducing the pain & well Cilest worked really well for me. I had minimal side effects & stayed on it for years. It’s not till around 2016 when I was in my 20s I decided to change it. That was due to it not feeling as affective.

I just felt like my body had grown too used to it & I wasn’t as regular as I should be. That’s when I moved onto Rigevidon (also combined). Well let me tell you that pill was hell on earth for me. I had ridiculously side effects that I lived with for months before changing back to Cilest.

I was in chronic pain all down my chest. I felt like I was being punched all the time & it just made me feel so sick & hormonal. It just wasn’t for me. Turns out a lot of people had complained about this pill & were requesting it to be banned. Trust me to try it hey?!

I went back on Cilest & was fine until I started working in a pharmacy just over a year ago & spoke to my pharmacist friend about the mini pill. I wanted to try something new & well they suggested the progesterone pill is actually safer but they tend to give it to people who are older.

I ended up getting the mini pill & it didn’t seem to do any harm. I wasn’t getting periods & I wasn’t getting many side effects.

The thing is I still wasn’t totally okay with pumping my body with extra hormones…..

Why I came off the contraceptive pill

I actually haven’t spoken to a GP about coming off the pill but hey I work with tonnes of people in the pharmaceutical business so I wasn’t too worried about it. I just wanted to leave my body alone. I don’t take any other medication other than antihistamines & I was so done with adding more hormones in.

I was totally prepared for the pain to return but if I learnt to manage it without medication why not.

I’m not aiming for a baby; I just don’t really want a hormonal contraceptive & I’m limited to what else I can try.

The after effects of coming of the contraceptive pill

I am so glad I waited a few months to write this post because if I had wrote this a month in it would have went very differently. A month into my withdrawal & all I could think is the pill did more good that harm. My mental health was plummeting & I was just all over the place.

I didn’t get a period for a while but as you can imagine I don’t know my natural cycle. I have no knowledge of my cycle because I’ve never been natural. It’s always been controlled by the contraceptive pill. It’s still now really random but I’m assuming it’ll correct itself in due time.

I honestly thought my mental health was being subdued by the pills because damn I was on edge & very delicate. My moods were all over the place & I couldn’t control them. You guys know that I am much better off when I know how to handle my mental health then when I have zero coping mechanisms.

Flash forward to a few months later & I think my brain has finally caught up with what’s going on & everything has settled down. My mental health is back on track & I really think it just needed to adjust to the lack of extra hormones. My sex drive is up & the pain isn’t so bad.

Okay I lie the pain is horrific the first few days but then it settles so I just need to find ways of dealing with that without wanting to cry about it.

So was it a good or bad idea?

I think it was a good idea for me personally but I’m still learning more about me without the contraceptive pill. I lived a whole lifetime of the person I was on it & now it’s time to see what I’m really like without it.

I do think it helped me previously but until something drastically bad happens without it I can’t see me wanting to use it again.

I’m still very much working out what I think of the contraceptive pill as a whole cause there’s a lot of research out there & even more to do. I feel good being hormone free but that’s not to say things won’t change.

I would love to know your stance on the contraceptive pill so let me know in the comments below!

Shelley xx

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  • I can’t take any hormone treatments for contraception for medical reasons and I remember trying so many in my twenties that made me ill. Such a difficult journey to navigate x

  • Hi there! Great post. I had a similar story when I came off the pill last year. I was struggling when I was on it and had a hellish 10 months when I stopped but now my body finally feels MINE again. Hormones back to normal, periods manageable and skin calmed down. I think it’s really important to share stories like yours because younger girls probably don’t get a lot of education before starting these hormonal drugs , I know I certainly didn’t! Thanks for writing this! x

  • Hello! I have really enjoyed reading your post to know I’m not alone! I too went on the contraceptive pill at 15 and now I’m 35 and decided to come off it to try for a baby and my goodness!! What a rollercoaster it has been!! My mental health took a nose dive.. i have now been off it 8 months and it’s started to settle down a bit.. I now have two good weeks in each cycle where I’m feeling great and two not so good.. the week before my period I have terrrible anxiety still but I’m hoping things will settle down soon.. my periods are still all over the place but I’m hopeful for better times ahead!! Thank you for sharing your story xx

    • Hi, thank you for reading my post. Isn’t it crazy how we’re programmed to take the pill for so long. The after math is so crazy but I’m sure it’ll settle out soon enough for you. You have been on it for a long while but good luck with trying for a baby m’love. xx