Maybelline Baby-skin Instant Fatigue Blur Review

 Boots: £7.99

If you’ve seen my daily make-up post (which I really need to update!!) you would have notice I was using Rimmel fix and protect primer. I’m always looking and testing primers to find the perfect match for my skin. The Rimmel primer worked really well and was a white based colour so blended with all skin tones. This primer comes in two colours; cool rose and apricot to match the undertone colour of your skin. As I have quite red skin in certain areas I decided to go for the cool rose option.

I thought I’d include a skin test to show the colour and how the primer blends. As stated above I get red areas of skin, mainly on my cheeks and chin. Because of this I was slightly worried about using a pink based primer but luckily this primer blends really well. In the third photo you can see there is a slight shine left but that really brightens up your skin. If you are buying this product to primarily hide tired skin I would recommend trying this. Not only does it relive signs of fatigue it gives your skin a much needed burst of refreshment. 

Overall this product does what it says on the tube, it lifts any signs of fatigue and creates a great base to wear with or without foundation. What I particularly like about this primer is the cool rose option not only lifts your skin but when blended removes the redness on my skin. Since I suffer quite badly, finding a good primer which suits my skin and helps cover my flaws is usually rather difficult but with this primer I feel a lot more confident. I would be happy to just wear the primer on a lazy day without any worries of my skin condition making an appearance. 

If you are in the middle of testing primers I would head to your local beauty department and purchase this product. At only £7 it’s a bargain and if it doesn’t work for you least you know you haven’t spent a fortune. 

Shelley xx

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