Maybelline Colour Show Review

Maybelline colour show top coat – Boots (£3.99)

So I previously featured this nail design in my shellac post but I wanted to make a separate review. The nail art shown is super easy to create with Maybelline’s new colour show range. The shade used is the street artist top coat in alley attitude, however they have a range of colours and top coats available. I really loved this design and kept topping up my shellac for weeks. 

The top coat consist of the blue and black shards so I thought I’d add the other products used. I topped up my shellac with Rimmel’s nail polish (198 Azure) which was luckily a perfect match. Then I just added one coat of my colour show and finished off with Collection clear varnish. I love nail art and I’m always looking for quick and simple designs. I am a total novice when it comes to nail art so I usually get them done at a salon, so I’m super happy to have found Maybelline’s new range. 

The varnish itself lasts ages, the shards stayed put rather well but I would recommend adding a top coat just in case. The only problem I had with the top coat was removing it. It was a task to get all the shards off and it needs a good buffer alongside nail varnish remover to get them to budge. Other than the removal I had no problems with the varnish and would highly recommend it. 

Once my nails regain strength and I can stop using shellac 24/7 I’m going to stock up on a bunch of Maybelline’s top coats. It’s going to end up as obsession I bet. All you nail fanatics reading should definitely add this product to your collection soon. 

Shelley xx

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