Melt Cosmetics Review

Dark Room ($19) Blow ($19) By starlight ($19)

Recently I purchased two more Melt lipsticks so I thought a review was in order. I find their lipsticks all differ so I’ve done a combined review this time round. I couldn’t resist purchasing their limited edition dark room and of course I had to get the purple shade; by starlight. My make-up collection is full of purple shades but nothing this vibrant!!

As you can see Melt pride themselves on making stand out colours. All their shades have a really vibrant edge to them which is not something you see by every brand. From the swatch you can see the consistencies are different. This is the one downfall I find from Melt. The green shade (blow) is super thick and has a shiny finish, the purple shade (by starlight) is slightly creamier and dries matte and finally the red shade (dark room) is super creamy, easy to use and dries matte too.

Because of the different formulas each lipstick has a different effect. I find dark room applies really smoothly and is like mac’s satin range. Whereas by starlight takes a look more effort to get a even finish. I find it catches on any little groove on your lip so takes a long time to apply. One technique I’ve found that works with the shade is using a primer (I use Mac) and then warming the lipstick up using a lip brush and then applying it. The final shade blow is still a bit tricky for me but because it’s such a vibrant green is not my everyday look so I have less worries about the application. When I choose to use it I spend more time getting it even rather than being in a rush for work!!

 As you can see all the colours are super vibrant and really pop against my skin tone. I really love how they made lipsticks that are original. Each of their items are vegan friendly and they pride themselves on that. I really love it because even though I do use brands that test on animals I’d prefer not too. Melt is definitely for you if you’d rather go vegan friendly. Each lipstick smells so lovely. I get a cookie-dough smell from mine. I think for the price you do get a good product. I think they still need to tweak their formula’s so they are more consistent and easy to use but for a new business they are really producing great products.

I would definitely purchase again if I found a new shade I love. I think my collection is somewhat complete for the time being. If you’re from the UK like me you’d be happy to know that I didn’t receive any custom charges and they came really quickly even with regular shipping. They came in a reasonable large box so I was surprised their was no fees. But it was nice to see them so well protected. They’ve recently brought out a range of eye shadow stacks that are super quirky too!!


Shelley xx

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