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If you haven’t noticed, I created a visit Wales tab on my blog. As I’ve moved from Surrey to Wales, I know how hard it is to plan days out in a foreign place. Kane is rubbish at planning anything so I’ve been doing a lot of it myself. I thought I should share these beautiful places. If you’re popping to Wales for a weekend or living here, hopefully this will give you a few ideas or places to go. 

To begin with I decided to go with somewhere very simple; Mumbles Pier. Mumbles is a town along Swansea bay and has lots of things to do. Because it’s along the sea line of course it has a pier and an arcade. This post is mainly focused on that side of Mumbles. 

We’ve all been down the beach or down our local pier before and Mumbles is obviously similar. Mumbles has really beautiful scenery and views. They is a lot more to the pier than you’d first think. I’ve been a gazillion times to pop into the arcade but only recently started exploring. Directly next to the arcade is a series of steps that take you onto the islands. You can explore and climb from one to the other when the tide is out. Please be safe and keep an eye out as the tide will seperate the islands when in. Last thing you want to do is get stuck (but there are brilliant lifeboats don’t worry). There’s also a lighthouse you can travel over too. We’ve never managed to get there at the right time!! I’m sure you can go crab hunting if you have smaller children too!!

Now for the arcade of course!! It’s your usual arcade with prize winning or ticket winning games. There’s a lot to choose from and to get involved in. They have a make shift bowling alley upstairs which is brilliant for kids and have a small restaurant nearby too. You can also wander down the pier and view the life boat they have displayed!! Be aware when the sun is out Mumbles pier is flooded with people!!

If you park in the first car park, you will see Verdis which is a small cafe/restaurant. It is a huge glass building so you get brilliant views. You can stop for coffee, food or sundaes. They also have a ice cream outlet as well. 

The further down you walk from the pier you will come across a few parks, and exercise equipment along the walkway. You can definitely benefit if you go for runs or skateboard, or fancy a stroll along the sea side!!  

I haven’t really walked too far as I’m super lazy but Mumbles is definitely a beautiful place to visit. You can’t miss it and it’s really easy to get to. It’s perfect for people of any age and if you do go as a family there’s lots to keep the children busy!!

Most welshies will recommend/visit Wales so I hope this post isn’t too silly. There’s not much more I can say but as you can tell from the images me and Kane visit often!! 

If any welshies have any places to recommend I’d love to hear them. I need more day out ideas myself. If you are also looking to read about less obvious places, don’t worry I have a few to write about already!!

Shelley xx

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