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Birth Story - three polaroids against wooden fenceI guess it’s about time to share Jasper’s birth story…..

If you’re interested in reading my birth story then off you pop; stick the kettle on, grab something to nibble on cause it’s not going to be short & sweet. If not I totally understand; trust me I wasn’t interested in babies till one decided to pick me as his mother.

I should also say that we start his birth story a little earlier than on the day because I had a tricky third trimester. Plus technically I was in early labour for about a month before going into active labour. Don’t worry all will be explained below.

So how did I find out I was in early labour…

Well we really have to start this birth story in May because on the week commencing the 13th we had to take a trip to the hospital. I was bleeding slightly (which was new for me) & we had worries about bulging (yes gross but things happen). Off we popped with no hospital in hand just thinking its routine & nothing to worry about.

Well….. I was 3cm dilated already!

Yeah not good, not good at all. This was when I was 28/29 weeks pregnant so way too early for dilation or delivery.

Luckily I didn’t have any signs of labour & my waters were still intact so we now had to focus on delaying the actual birth. I was still taken up to the labour ward cause they were worried I could go into active labour within 24 hours. I had a neonatal nurse come talk to us about premature babies & the process we would go through.

That’s when I got really scared & the tears came. There’s nothing worse than being in a situation you have no control of & realising the baby you have been growing could be in danger. I just felt broken. The thought of having a traumatic birth & not being able to bond with my child was heart breaking.

It was all a lot to take in so these details are all a little hazy… bare with me! I was hooked up to an IV full off good stuff to help Jasper & delay labour. I was given tablets that made me have ridiculous hot flushes & also given steroid injections.  I was pretty much a human pin cushion for 48hours.

Obviously I knew it was all for Jasper’s benefit so that’s all I could think about. I was hooked up to fetal heart monitors regularly so it was reassuring to know he was A okay. He was absolutely fine & comfortable! It was just my body that was ready to go.

It seemed our little one wasn’t really ready to leave which is a good sign; it was still too early & lots that could go wrong. Luckily I wasn’t having any signs of labour so I was taken off the drip & given instructions to lay pelvis up. Oh the joy!

I was moved into another private room; this time with a shower & toilet so I didn’t have to waddle far. I had a shower, finally washed my hair, then it was back to laying in bed watching tv & trying not to go insane from the boredom.

My condition wasn’t deteriorating & Jasper was doing so well but I was still being monitored regularly. The days became a big blur of boredom & as much as I really appreciated the help I just wanted to go home. My mental health was getting worse being locked away in a room.

Thankfully I was finally allowed home on bedrest..

Oh my lord guys it was so much easier being on bed rest at home. I had my home comforts, endless cups of coffee & WIFI! It’s the little things y’no.

I did rest up as much as I could. I did little things around the house & only ventured out for short periods. We were able to finish the nursery & get ready for Jasper. Other than a trip to the nail salon & one to Ikea (I was in a wheel chair) I spent most of my time in bed or on the sofa binge watching tv.

Within those four weeks I was on bedrest I only had one more scare which was bleeding again. We went back into hospital for a couple of days but after a lot of deliberating I discharged myself. Honestly it was a right mare but I don’t wanna get into it.

Then on the morning of Father’s Day…

The contractions started.

I woke up early in the morning with a bit of cramp. I honestly thought it was just cause we had curry the day before but gradually the cramps got worse.

By 9am I was in a lot of pain. I was sat on the loo & leaning over the bath because it was the coldest place in the house & for some weird reason sitting on the loo was uber comfortable.

I was a mess. I didn’t know if it was really contractions or Braxton hicks. I had no idea what contradictions would feel like but damn it felt like the worse cramp in the world. My waters hadn’t broken so I thought it might be a false alarm.

I think I was in denial cause we were still only at 32 weeks pregnant but the pain grew & when we called the midwives they said get to hospital now!

This time we had a hospital bag ready so in a mad panic of Jacob running around worried & me screaming in pain we made it to the car & headed for the hospital.

At this point my contractions were really close together & went on for which felt like forever. I was timing in the car to try to distract myself (pah nothing could distract from that pain).

We had made it to the maternity ward..

Where we didn’t have the warmest of welcomes (they were understaffed & overcrowded) but hey I was in labour so deal with it! Plus we did call ahead & it has the best neonatal team in our area so where else were we gonna go??

Anyhow in I went; asking for pain relief & squirming in pain. A quick examination later; two shocked faces between my legs & a revelation I was 8cm dilated I was rushed up to the labour ward.

Off came my clothes, in came all the midwives & the neonatal nurse & I was finally supplied gas & air. Honestly that stuff was not cutting it. Probably more due to the fact I was so confused how to use it. I was in so much pain I couldn’t take it. I was in tears & then angrily asking everyone to just cut him out. The poor neonatal nurse was my focus during these wild screams because for some reason my delirious arse thought she could saunter over & give me a c-section!

I was finally offered a pethidine injection which of course I said yes to.

Finally the pain was gone (mostly) & in came the drowsiness.

My waters refused to break so in came a doctor to pop them for me & my god did that feel like a relief but it also super gross.

Honestly giving birth is so undignified.

I was delirious & I had two ladies holding a leg each telling me how to push.

Jacob was doing my nut in so I was telling him to shut up cause he’s not a professional.

All I remember is not knowing what the hell I was meant to do & feeling stressed because of it. Then telling then I was too tired to push.

I had one really good midwife which I loved & kept me laughing, one who I didn’t particular like but was clearly the boss & kept the process going & a neonatal nurse who kept reassuring me I could do it.

There I was sucking on gas & air trying to push from my belly whenever I felt a contraction. Little did they know I wasn’t really feeling the contractions anymore cause I was so damn drowsy.

Somehow in the blur of my birth I gave a really good push & he was nearly out. Then because I was so out of it the midwife decided that an episiotomy (being cut) would be best & with another good push he was out.

He immediately cried & I got to have a little cuddle before he was whisked off to his incubator.

I felt so overwhelmed & amazed at how teenie he was.

The whole experience was crazy & I don’t know what I expected from giving birth but that wasn’t it.

It’s nothing like they show on the tv let me tell you now!

After giving birth I was alone & it felt very strange. I was sooo tired & didn’t quite know how to feel. Jacob was with Jasper & I was all alone. Such an odd feeling.

In came a doctor to stitch me up. She was so lovely & gave me the gas & air again so there I was getting high again while I had a lady up close & personal with my bits.

Once she was done my glorious midwife helped clean me up & led me to shower.

Suddenly I felt refreshed & like me again. Jacob’s parents came to visit, Freya came to visit, I slept & then I went to visit Jasper.

It was surreal. Here was my very tiny baby in a glass box with lots of wires. He was very healthy for a premature & he was absolutely beautiful.

At 11.39 Jasper Busby Norling was born weighing 4lbs1oz…

He changed our lives forever & we couldn’t be more blessed.

What sounds like the quickest birth in history was actually a very long process. From being in early labour for 4 weeks to only an hour 30 of pushing in active labour.

I’m going to leave it there because this is long enough & my story follows on in my newborn post. I hope I haven’t grossed you out too much & this makes sense.

But yep that’s Jasper’s birth story…

Shelley xx

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