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I know I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, so I probably won’t be considered a newbie blogger, but I still feel like one. I’m still blogging for me and I haven’t moved forward to turn my blog into a business. It’s a personal choice of course but I’m also slightly put off by the blogging community. There’s a lot to get your head around such as your own domain, your DA , GA and blogger networks. But don’t worry this post won’t be about that heavy side of blogging. I’ve been blogging for a year or so and even I am not quite ready for that technical jargon. However I wanted to make a post to explain my blog process!! I want newbie bloggers to be able to read posts that help them get started rather than throwing jargon around they don’t really need to know about. Just remember blogging is meant to be enjoyable. You start blogging for yourself!!! Find your voice and build your basic skill before worrying about monetising your blog!! Find you and your preferred content!!

So I use a few simple sets to get my finished product. I blog around my busy schedule so if you have more time to spend you may be able to tailor this more to yourself.


My first step is planning!! When I first starting blogging I never wrote plans but now I’ve got a blogging schedule I need to keep a few lists. My plans consist of a list of written post (like this), a list of reviews and then finally a list of outfits. I shoot outfits in one go so it gives me a few weeks to plan my new lot of outfits. I really love this method as it gives me time to build up great outfits. If I buy something new or wear an outfit I love I note in down. I also have a load of different types of written posts/reviews to spread between my outfit post. Sometimes it’s hard to think of these posts but there’s soo many blogging lists out there to use just in case!! I also make sure I’ve planned it any gifted items so they’re posted up to a week after received. My other side of planning is putting the posts I have ready in order to post. I sometimes have to re-arrange but it makes me more organised so I can simply post on the day as planned. 


As stated above I do a huge shoot all in one when it comes to outfits!! I usually shoot 6/7 in one allotted time slot. It just works better with my schedule. However when it comes to reviews or written posts I will shoot on the week or day it’s going to be posted!! I don’t have a fancy set-up!! I use a white wall in my bedroom for outfits and set the camera up on a tripod to shoot myself. I use a DSLR that belongs to Kane (it’s a canon) and when it comes to post like these, I shoot on a white sheet or a white window-sill. Don’t feel like you have to have fancy set-ups, you’re just starting out. Try to keep the images clean and focused.


I also don’t do fancy editing. I basically crop my outfit images to only include myself then collage them. Most of my outfits are collaged into sets of 2/3 and some mirror images. That’s what I like to do but others will include the full image. When I first started out my images were all different sizes but I was given a code to add to my html and I select original size for images within the post and it makes all images the same width. I don’t recall the code but the ladies over at Voguemondays are super helpful. I only use fotor online to collage and sometimes edit my images. I use picmonkey to edit my profile images on my sidebar and I use tinypic for the image links on my sidebar.


I do my writing for the posts alongside the editing on the day of the post. I know it seems slightly lazy but I prefer being able to write the post closer to the time rather than way too many on one day. If I’m away I will write a few posts and schedule them to post. I write in the format of picture, item links, mini opening, pictures, conclusion, (shop links if reviewing) and finally my links. It’s just how I like to order my posts but you can write in your own style. It’s key to be original and yourself when it comes to blogging as you have to find your own niche. If you’re using other people’s ideas or writing exactly what other people are it will be noticed. 


Once I’ve written a post I try to post it during lunchtime (12-2) as it’s when my readers are most active. I then post the favoured image on tumblr with a link and instagram with certain hashtags. I sometimes post on twitter too but I haven’t really got into that habit. I also post in some facebook groups at times too.

Blogging can be really simple once you get the hang of it and have you found your schedule. Don’t be put off my all the technical stuff too soon. If you can organise your whole blog layout, you for sure can tackle the jargon when you get to it. I’ve not quite got the time to start investing in my blog. I would like to get my own domain and some point but for now I am happy with my blogspot and keeping the blog for me!!

I hope this helps a few newbies!!

Shelley xx

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