My Christmas Manicures 2014

So I am finally making my nail post. Considering I’ve been doing this throughout December and my training starts tomorrow I’ve left it kind of late. However I wanted a few designs to show you guys so you weren’t bombarded with text!! Please be aware I am a complete novice at this right now.

Anyhow this was my first proper mani for Christmas. I used chevrons to aid creating the tinsel and then hand-painted the elf hat. I really loved how they turned out, especially the hat. 

 This design involved konad stamping. All I did was stamp the snowflakes on. It took a little while to get the technique right but the result was lovely. The art on the ring finger were done in the nail shop.

 My final design was this snowman creation. I used my new supplies from Christmas. I used a dotting tool mainly then a striping brush for the snowman.

 I also did some quick manicures at the beginning including this glitter top coat and candy can design.

Lastly I did a few designs on my mother. I love the overlapping stamped snowflakes quite a lot. As you can see I am totally rubbish right now but tomorrow I start training to be a qualified technician and hopefully I’ll pick up some more nail art techniques. I’ll hopefully be working in Skewen by the end of the month so I’ll be able to put all the details to book appointments on my nail instagram (nailsbybusby) All the products used are stated on each image uploaded. I didn’t want to make this post a tutorial because I don’t think I’m quite there yet but I’m happy to do a video on either of these designs. 

My course covers everything from acrylics, gels to nail art and client consultation. It’s going to be a crazy cram since it’s only four days but I’m super excited to get started. 

Hope you like my Christmas designs

Shelley xx

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