My First Trimester Experience | Finding Out, Symptoms & BPD

My First Trimester Experience - flatlay: mum to be card, scan photos, layered card & rings

My first trimester post is going to be slightly jammed packed because I spent a whole month of it unaware I was even pregnant. Yes that is true & it was pretty scary. Turns out I conceived in November & spent the first month unaware there was a tiny human growing. Luckily I found out late December so I was able to adjust my life accordingly & you know start preparing for the baby. Nothing scary then those I didn’t know I was pregnant birth stories

The first trimester | Week 1 – 12

Finding Out

I have to admit there were signs that I could be pregnant but I tend to get ill a lot. My house had caused my allergies to flare, everyone in work was suffering from the same cold & I put the sickness down to stress.  It’s really easy to explain away symptoms when you’re busy but we decided to take a test before Christmas & well here we are. I never really knew how I’d react to a positive result but it did give me reassurance that I wasn’t slowly dying from some mystery disease. I was having really weird dreams & my nose was constantly bleeding which were both very odd for me. Both that could be explained by the early stages of pregnancy.

We naturally assumed we were only a few weeks into the pregnancy but we were actually at week 7 hence missing my whole first month.

Once it was all confirmed we had the tough decision to make if this pregnancy was right for us. As you guys know/can tell it wasn’t planned so it wasn’t straightforward. We’re both young & we haven’t exactly got our lives sorted enough to be considering children. We came to the agreement that adoption wasn’t for either of us & I didn’t feel like an abortion was something I could handle mentally. In all honesty once I found out I felt really connected to the baby so abortion didn’t feel like an option for me. Jacob took a little time to adjust to the concept of a baby but we both agreed that we could start a family a little earlier than planned.

I have to say the first few weeks of an unplanned pregnancy are really difficult for everyone involved & the emotional toll is so much more than you’d expect.


First thing we had to do was register with a decent surgery & see a nurse. My nurse had quite a frank chat with me about my situation & then pretty much cornered me into a flu jab! The doctors appointment I had a few days after was a lot more relaxed, confirmed the pregnancy & gave me a prescription for the sickness. Not going to lie this was all a bit of a blur to me.

During the first trimester I had two midwife appointments; one with a stand in midwife & my “10 week” appointment. The first one was with another lady who was standing in for my actual midwife who was on holiday. The appointment felt really unorganised & weird but I got a few resources to take with me.

My 10 week appointment wasn’t very fun. I had to do it on my lunch break which the midwife was then 40 minutes late for making me late. We had a quick appointment about my notes I had filled in & talked about my scan. Even at this point I wasn’t quite sure what questions I really wanted to ask because I was still a little lost with the whole process.

The last appointment to add to the list is the date scan which was on my “12 week.” It was in my local maternity unit & once we found the building it was pretty straight forward. We were both pretty excited at this point because it’s the first time you probably see your baby. Turns out we were actually on our 16th week so goodbye first trimester & hello second! 

We finally knew where we were in the pregnancy & most of the horrible symptoms had ended…..


Other than the weird dreams & the nose bleeds I can’t tell you much about the first month but I can tell you about the sickness. Oooh morning sickness; what a joy. I got it pretty bad during my first trimester & once I found out I was given anti-sickness tablets. I wasn’t able to keep anything down so I had to use them. Luckily it eased up towards my first scan but when it was happening it was horrific. I feel so bad for anyone who has it throughout their whole pregnancy.

I was also having a lot of allergic reactions because I stopped taking antihistamines & my house had issues. I think my body just couldn’t handle the sudden switch to medication free so my doctor advised me to take cetirizine again. Luckily I’ve been able to ease them off so there’s no affect on the baby.

The only other thing I noticed was how tired I was; probably due in part to the sickness but it was getting out of hand. Even before we found out I was napping a lot & I’m not someone who naps at all. Turns out growing a baby is really tough & it really does tire you out.

BPD Management

Onto the bit that I was really worried about; my mental health. We all know I’ve self managed my BPD (borderline personality disorder) for a few years now so I didn’t have a clue what pregnancy could do to me.

Turns out my mental health was doing really well. Both Jacob & I noticed a huge change in my coping skills & my emotions were pretty stable. Maybe I was too physically ill, maybe it was just such a big thing that I dealt with the stress or maybe the hormones were doing a good job. Who knows? But either way it was good.

I did feel a huge connection to the baby from the offset so I think that really helped. It’s amazing how much you can cope with when it’s not just you in the picture.

Baby Preparation

As you can tell the first trimester flew by so we didn’t have a lot of time to really prep. Once we found out I was doing bits of research online to see if my symptoms lined up. Other than that it was mainly filling out maternity forms & reading the maternity book they gave me.

I was more focused on making the health choices I needed too than researching what babies need!

That’s my first trimester for you! I’m currently on week 22 so I’m a little behind with these posts. My second trimester will be up soon enough. Please let me know if you’re enjoying my pregnancy posts because transitioning to parenting blogging wasn’t really on my radar.

Second trimester || Third trimester 

Shelley xx

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