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So over the years I’ve been growing my Mac collection; from a lonely lipstick to varied products. I’m not one to over spend but sometimes it’s nice to splash out on good quality products, knowing you’ll get your money’s worth. This post isn’t to push you to go out and spend spend spend, but Mac collections are frequently requested and I think I finally have a collection worth making a post. I’m pretty happy with all my products and as of recent have been purchasing from newer brands so haven’t been to focused on Mac!!

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Pro Palette: (Palette // Inserts)

Shadows: Carbon // Silver ring // Satellite dreams // Cranberry // All the glitters

Firstly this is one of my major splurges!!! Pro palettes end up being rather pricey because you have to buy each element separately. I ended up firstly buying the palette, the eyeshadow insert, the blush/large shadow insert and two shadows. I’ve added a few shadows from time to time because I’ve wanted the shades but I’m in no need to rush fill my palette. I opted for the two different inserts so I wouldn’t have to stick to one type of products. Unfortunately I haven’t found any of the larger fillers to my liking yet. If you have any recommendations feel free to comment them below. The shadows are mainly shimmer and I went for quite different shades. I really love a combo between Carbon & Silver ring for a night out and between Cranberry & All the glitters, which gives a rose gold look.

Tools: (Prep & prime-£13 // Large contour 163-£28 // Blender 217-£19

I’ve slowly added a few “tools” to my collection starting with my Prep & prime lip product. This is really a must, especially if you wear liquid matte lip products. I purchased the blender brush after seeing glowing recommendations from many make-up artists. Kane purchased my contour brush as a treat for getting an apprenticeships and I’m a bit mixed right now. I currently use a angled soft brush which gives a subtle effect whereas the flat top give a sharp effect which needs a lot more blending. However the contouring is really sharp and effective.

Lipsticks: (Heroine // Lovelorn // Cyber // Up the amp // All fired up // Rebel 

Finally is my lipstick collection, I fell in love with their lipsticks with my first purchase; Cyber. However as I’m a student without cash to burn I’ve slowly built my collection over time. I’ve clearly got a purple addiction but haven’t found any newer shades to add. All my lipsticks are slightly different collections. I have a range from matte to satin to lustre so they each have a different application and finish. I’m definitely more keen on satin and matte as they apply and dry a lot easier. The lustre is super creamy and slightly sticky I find. so a little heads up for you ladies. I do find nude shades a little harder for me to like in Mac’s collection. I’d love for them to expand to liquid lips. As for the colours; Heroine was a big hit and I luckily snagged one, it’s a matte purple that really pops. Lovelorn is a nude pink, great for everyday but is uber creamy. Cyber is a deep purple with black undertones, great for a gothic night out look. Up the amp is a slightly more pinky version of heroine in my opinion. All fired up is the only red based lipstick I own, it’s such a clean, fresh red and I love it. Finally Rebel is the colour every girl needs in her Mac collection. I am obsessed it’s a deep pink and just pops so well with every outfit. 

I know this post is slightly longer but I couldn’t help going into more detail.

If you have any Mac recommendations please comment below!!

Shelley xx

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