My Second Trimester Experience | Growing Bump, Gender Reveal & BPD

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Just like that we are into the second trimester. This is where things start to get real for me because as much as I knew the baby was there, this is the stage where you finally get to see your body change. As of week 20 my bump started to grow & I love it. I never really knew how I’d react to the whole growing stage of pregnancy but I am very happy with my expanding bump. Lots occur in the second trimester so here’s the low down … 

The second trimester | Week 13 – 26


Let’s get the boring stuff out the way first shall we. During the second trimester I had two midwife appointments; one in the surgery & one at home. My first appointment was meant to be around 16 weeks but because my 12 week scan was actually on the 16th week it got delayed. The doctors had to hold onto my notes because I’m under a consultant for my weight & BPD. It’s reassuring to know people care about the bump but at the same time it makes me feel uncomfortable to be judged.

Luckily for us because we were a little further along than initially thought we got to book our 20 week scan in while at our “12 week” scan. We only had to wait four weeks for our next scan so it was super exciting. We booked in really early in the morning & it worked out so much better because you don’t have to spend loads of time waiting around.  The scan was a little harder cause I had to drink so much before to get the best picture which was very uncomfortable. Plus it turned out an empty bladder works best for me! 

Once I finally got my notes back my midwife spoke to me about what’s coming next & any concerns I had. We both agreed my 25 week appointment would be better suited at home out of work hours to reduce my stress around it. My 25th week appointment was very needed because my body was changing a lot at this stage & I needed to discuss treatment for my weak hip. It was a lush appointment just going over a few updates, checking my blog pressure & then we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time ever!!!!! Honestly nearly cried. Now it’s a few more weeks to wait & I can start sorting out prenatal classes etc.

I also had to have a consultation appointment at the hospital because I’m under the care of a senior professional. I was super worried about this because my main mental health symptoms were due to this care. It sounds silly but the thought of being watched & judged by a stranger (even if it’s for good) made me feel ridiculously paranoid. I just felt like I had spent so many years managing my own health that it made me uncomfortable for someone to jump in just cause I’m pregnant.

The reality is that the consultant was lovely. He looked at my notes, asked me questions that he could have answered with my notes but hey ho & then agreed I don’t need to be under his care. My weight luckily isn’t a concern now I’ve gained back the initial sickness lose & it can be clearly identified I have been at the lower bmi scale forever. My mental health wasn’t a big concern for him either because I have been self managing it for 4 years+. I’m also not on any medication based on my BPD so I guess he saw that I was able to cope on my own. I do still have to have more scans just to keep track of the baby’s weight but that’s all!

Gender Reveal

Your 20 week scan is also when you get to find out the gender if you wish to of course. We haven’t really made any gender reveal posts because that’s not our thing but it’s slipped out here & there on the socials. It’s no secret but when you are pregnant sometimes it’s nice to keep a few things to yourself.

We’re having a boy!!

Now it’s out there & I’m very excited to be having a little boy. I was more keen on a boy than girl where as Jacob was the opposite. I just find boy names a lot easier to find & it just felt like a boy. Now I get to buy all the cute clothes that come along with knowing the gender which is very exciting.


The main symptom that has occurred in this trimester is the exhaustion. I never imagined I could be anymore tired than my usual self but blooming hell I am. I hit a few walls when the exhaustion took over. I had to leave work at one point because I was just stressed to the max which made me vomit. I had a few days off to relax & then I was back to my usual routine. I have started to realise that I can’t do as much as I’d used to because my body can’t take it.

I eat a lot more now, especially throughout the day. Snacks are a must (not always healthy) but I’ll take 5 & just have something to nibble on. It’s working for me because I get hungry a lot. I just need that added boost to keep me going.

In the second trimester my pain seemed to spike a lot. Firstly when my bump started growing because my ligaments were basically relaxing & stretching. It hurt a lot! Since then the pain has eased off but I do have a bunch of back & hip pain. Probably made a lot worse by my existing hip problems.

I have felt a tad more emotional but that was to be expected. The second trimester seems to be all about growth, eating & sleeping!

Bump Growth & Movements

WEEK 20second trimester- week 20 bump

WEEK 22second trimester - week 22 bump

WEEK 24second trimester - week 24 bump

WEEK 25second trimester - week 25

Well as you can see the second trimester is all about the bump growth. During the early stages of pregnancy I kind of felt a little left out not really having a bump but then week 20 hit & it grew. The growth has been a little crazy because I am literally just growing in that one spot. I thought I’d gained weight a bit more globally but I guess that’s not how my body works. You can probably see the bump does change based on the baby’s position to so on week 24 I looked huge compared to the others.

I am in love with my pregnancy body & I’m so glad to be. I was really worried I would spiral when I started gaining weight but having a baby bump is the best thing ever. I have a lot of growing to go so don’t hold me to that but hey right now I’m feeling fab.

As for the baby’s movements well he is a mover. He doesn’t stop moving very often. I think he’s hoping for a little more room in the womb. He likes to sit right under my ribs which is a little uncomfortable & he kicks like a mad one. I’m having a little trouble being comfortable just because I have such a short torso but we’re working at it. He tends to enjoy when I lay on one side & likes to turn over every afternoon which is not a comfortable feeling at all. I’ve got his movements pretty sussed out now which is lovely.

BPD Management

I don’t feel my mental health has taken a huge hit this trimester but I think it has been a little more difficult to manage. I’m a little more emotional than usual cause of the hormones & my patience is non existent. I think because I work in a fast paced environment & have to deal with customers it hasn’t helped. We’re under staffed at the moment & obviously bank holidays have to fall at those times. I’ve been feeling more irritable than usual & my stress levels sometimes spike.

I just don’t think my pregnancy happened at a very good time in my work environment but obviously that can’t be helped. Luckily I do have a fab team who have looked after me & deal with me biting their heads off from time to time. Sometimes there’s only so many stupid queries you can deal with before you explode. I think we’d all agree on that!

April is never a good time for my mental health so I have seen it dip a little. I think considering I have the pregnancy hormones as well as my usual symptoms I’m dealing with it pretty well. I have spent a little more than I’d usually would & cried a tad more. All in all I think I’ve managed this difficult patch quite well.

The only real negative thing coming out more is the paranoia which is made worse by the need to nest. Because we’re moving we can’t do anything major to get ready for the baby but once we’re in our new house I can’t wait to start the nursery.

Baby Preparation

During this time we decided to focus on getting the big stuff out the way. We took a trip to Mothercare which was rather fun (they have the fanciest toilets) but also freaked Jacob out a tad. The price of baby stuff is just ridiculous but they know you have to spend so…

So far we have brought our bedside crib which means the baby can sleep in with us for X months & I don’t need to keep jumping out of bed to the cot. We have also arranged a cot from my manager as her girls are now in big beds!

We searched around a few discount pram stores to test out prams because it really has to work for me! As much as I’d love for it to be a pretty fancy pram in reality it just has to be safe & lightweight. In the end we purchased an oyster 2 of a lovely lady on Facebook. It’s a year old but comes with the chair, carrycot, all the accessories & even a car seat. It saved us loads & it’s in fab condition. We may purchase a new car seat just out of safety but I’m so happy with our second hand bargain.

Other than that we have brought a few clothes & have been planning the nursery. We’re moving next weekend into our new home so once we’re in we can start doing a little more shopping & get the nursery sorted.

First trimester || Third trimester  

Shelley xx

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