My Third Trimester Experience | Nesting, BPD & Early Labour

My Third Trimester Experience

It feels a tad odd writing my third trimester post in between comforting a tiny human but hey that’s the reality so here goes. My third trimester went a lot swifter than was planned & I currently have baby brain so bare with me please! I ended up given birth at 32+5 weeks so our little one came 2 whole months early. That did mean I didn’t have to deal with the heatwave with a huge belly but it was also very scary. Anyhow my birth story will be told at a later date so let’s get on with my short-lived third trimester shall we…

The third trimester | Week 27 – 32


The main appointment I had during this trimester was the 28 week scan to check his growth. We also had a follow up check with the consultation. Nothing different to before, his head was still too low to measure but his growth was where it should be.

I had a GP appointment also as I was feeling super run down & he signed me off for 2 weeks. It was important for me to reach out cause I thought I was feeling a lot of pressure on my cervix & well I was right.

My 28 week scan was on a Tuesday & on the Friday I started bleeding which isn’t always something to worry about but in my case I had no previous bleeding so we called the hospital & was asked to come in. On inspection it turned out I had bulging membranes & my cervix was already 3cm dilated. Both aren’t good news so I was kept in hospital & the baby was given steroids & other medications to keep him cooking.

Luckily I didn’t give birth then but I was put on bedrest asked to keep to my scans & midwife appointments.

I did end up in hospital for yet another night but I was allowed back home & I had my final midwife appointment just before giving birth which involved the usual “how you feeling” malarky. I was really hoping they could start working on my  birth plan early but they didn’t really seem keen.


The third trimester is a very uncomfortable time. You feel huge & tbh you are.. you are more bump than anything. Your organs are all squished so I was finally peeing like a crazy woman. I can’t tell you if my urge to wee all the time was a result of my bump or because my son was actually trying to escape already. It really doesn’t help needing to wee every 5 minutes when you’ve got to somehow roll yourself out of bed like a beached whale!

I had some serious pressure down south & my bump felt so heavy. I needed to sit down a lot especially in work so it was good to get signed off. My boobs were extra leaky & I was extra sweaty. It such an attractive stage of life!

Plus my skin was a nightmare. I was a flakey dry spotty mess. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is, especially cause I had such good skin the rest of my pregnancy. It was as if he was sucking the moisture out of me. Nothing could be done to fix the mess that was my face.

Other than physical symptoms I was definitely feeling more weepy & emotional. My anxiety was a lot higher too. I think it was just a very testing time for both Jacob & I.

Bump Growth & Movements

WEEK 28third trimester - bump 28

WEEK 29third trimester - bump 29

WEEK 30third trimester - bump 30

WEEK 31third trimester - bump 31

As you can imagine my bump was growing quite a bit in this time frame. People kept telling me it was perfectly round but I honestly don’t know any different. As he was sitting so low I do feel like my bump dropped at this stage. Luckily as I’ve said before I loved my pregnant body even at its biggest stage. I had no problem dressing it & I just felt amazing. I still hadn’t gained much weight elsewhere so I truly was all bump.

The baby was very much still having a party in the womb. The movements were a lot sharper & it felt more like twitching than full on rolling around. I think he was in prime position to escape & was just flailing arms & legs around. Now seeing him in real life I can understand the movements a lot more as he has legs for days. You could definitely see the movements a lot more in the third trimester & I got to know what they meant. I truly think he was pretty much squished in there & dying to get out.

BPD Management

I really do think my mental health dropped a lot during this trimester. I can’t distinguish if it’s the trimester hormones itself or the fact I was going through a very stressful time. I wasn’t managing my BPD very well at all. The hospital stays were hell for me; I had so little stimulation & I was also worried all the time. I really don’t like being out of control so having to be “looked after” 24/7 was tough. I didn’t want to be there & I was spiralling.

My anxiety was growing by the day & there were lots of tears. Luckily I had great support from Jacob who stayed with me a lot. My family couldn’t visit but Jacob’s parents did. Even with them visiting during my hospital stays I felt really lonely. I spent many hours alone & that caused many breakdowns. It was a tough road but it does show who’s there for you & who’s just there for the cute baby at the end of it. I think I was just a little surprised at who wasn’t willing to visit.

Baby Preparation

Boy did I nest during this trimester. I know sometimes when my mental health is a bit off I go organisation crazy but damn there’s nothing like a pending due date to get you going. As soon as he nearly arrived early we bought the crib online & then when I was released we spent a few days doing up the nursery. Lots of DIY was going on in those few weeks. Don’t worry there’s a nursery tour pending!

Also is it a pregnancy symptom to get crafty? I have not wanted to be creative in years but as soon as my third trimester hit hobbycraft was my go to. I blooming loved it. Honestly just look at my Pinterest & you’ll understand the obsession.

Other than the obvious getting what we needed to done we couldn’t prep more. I didn’t have time for prenatal classes or to make a birth plan. It was pretty much go with the flow. That probably fuelled my nesting habits too!

Early Labour

I can’t really talk about my third trimester without mentioning the early labour bit can I? Other than what I explained above we were very fortunate that I could keep the pregnancy going for another month & the steroids had time to work their magic. The labour was pretty scary & I was petrified at the thought of having a traumatic labour. Luckily it wasn’t too bad but I promise I will make a separate post with the full story when I can properly switch my brain on.

My Third Trimester Experience

It really is crazy trying to put this post together because 1) my brain is like absolute mush & 2) I’m finally realising how quick this whole trimester went. My whole pregnancy was pretty quick when you think about it. I do really miss being pregnant but I’m obviously very happy that our little man has finally arrived.

I apologise in advance if this post isn’t easy to follow or if it’s not up to my usual standard. I promise I have reviewed it a million times but I honestly feel like my brain has melted into a blur of baby feeding & naps.

First trimester || Second trimester 

Shelley xx

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