My Year In Review 2018 Edition

My Year In Review 2018 Edition - peace sign in front of heart decorated wall

Guys I’m officially back & well what a better way to kick off the January posts than with my year in review 2018 edition. I may be a little late on the 2018 reflection bandwagon but hey I did the jam packed Insta story thing everyone moaned about on twitter. At the end of the day I just want to start 2019 ByBusby with a easy going, fun & positive post so lets go….

My year in review 2018

  • I actually kicked off last year with a really positive outlook & finally realised how much the new year new me stuff was bullshit.
  • I saw Sarah Millican live finally & really enjoyed her book. Didn’t read many books but hey hers was really good.
  • We stayed in that glorious cabin in march which was so great for my sleeping pattern. It was a lush place to get some really cute photos & unwind. It was such a good way to kick off the year & really work out how to juggle my work, blog & life balance.
  • My hair went from purple to orange which was glorious & lasted nearly all year long till the brown happened in December.
  • 2018 was the year when Jacob & I indulged in ourselves a lot more. We spent the year doing the things we loved be that being couch potatoes, taking lots of walks & especially travelling. It was the year of amazing trips. My friend visited London for the first time & I got to show her around. Then Jacob & I went to Dublin for a long weekend & feel in love with it. I also discovered my love for Guinness & immersed myself in the leprechaun museum. Plus we went to Paris & well I realised I actually really love the city. It was just amazing & maybe that was just because the company was great or maybe that was because I had unlimited pastries but hey I loved it!
  • We saw my favourite murder live in Dublin which was the main purpose of the trip & the most stressful part (don’t forgot your tickets guys!!!!!!). It was blooming amazing & we even met Karen & Georgia.
  • On the old blog front I really invested my time into it & well it paid off. I did a bunch of blog collaborations with brands like Boohoo, Goodwash & Jord watches. I decided to do blog coaching with Vix which has helped me rediscover where I’m going & I also shot some really amazing content with Kaye.  I just felt very motivated to create the best content I could.
  • We finally moved back to Wales & we now live in our own house. How very exciting! It’s a shame we aren’t the best at adulting or cleaning but hey we’re getting their & we’ve made the house a very cosy home for ourselves.
  • The end of the year has been a bit of a weird one because we packed so much into the early months we both just felt a tad exhausted. Between moving & work we just needed to switch off. We did have a lovely trip to London for my birthday & a lovely Christmas here in Wales but we just let winter be our down time.

2018 has been a pretty good year. It’s only when I look back at what we managed to pack into our months do I realise that we did a lot. I grew a bit more during 2018 to but I’ve still got a long way to go. Even though I obviously just wanted to keep this post about the good things, there have been difficult times to & I think it’s important to put them too. We lost my family pet & Jacob lost some too. My mental health hasn’t always been very good, neither has the physical health of some of my family members. December was actually a pretty tough month for me hence the lack of blogging but I’ve also been very ill.

Life is constantly throwing us curveballs but hey if we keep moving forward then I’m sure we can make 2019 just as eventful as 2018!

Shelley xx

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