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Netflix teen classics - flatlay; tablet, cacti & antlers

There’s been a surge of Netflix romantic teen flicks recently & thank god because I think we’re finally gaining new teen classics to add to our collections. I can’t deny I love a good teen flick; they just make you feel good & well we can all relate in someway. Of course no ones life is really like the movies but it’s nice to watch something that just makes you laugh & feel fab.

Nobodies really been cracking that cult classic mark in the teen market at all but thankfully Netflix have started paving the way. We definitely need more movies like mean girls & clueless in our lives. There’s just something about the over elaborate highschool storyline that makes me wanna binge watch. Maybe it’s just me that finds them charming even when they aren’t the greatest but from the looks of twitter we’re all enjoying the new releases.

So what movies are they creating that I think could become teen classics?

The kissing booth

It all started at the kissing booth for me & what’s not to like? There’s the whole best friendship which is cute as hell, the sob story & the “hot guy” storyline. It just makes me laugh & fulfils my inner teenage wish to have the jock fall for me in my fake American high school.

I love the theme of friendship throughout because who didn’t want to have a guy best friend throughout school that just got you? The whole older brother storyline isn’t new but I like that they didn’t take it down the road of the two best friends falling in love & threw a bit of drama in there.

I’m not here to spoil the movie for you but if you’re looking for a feel good movie with a strong theme of friendship & hidden love then this one is for you. Plus the main couple are dating in real life so it does make everything just seem even cuter.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

This is a recent fav for everyone (from what it appears on twitter anyhow) & well I can see why. It has a new twist on the falling in love storyline. A fake relationship that becomes real, plus it has Mona from PLL so what’s not to like! I love that they included the whole imaginary scenario aspect because I feel like we were all dramatic teenagers who went over fake scenarios in our heads once upon a time.

The storyline does follow a predictable pattern but hey it’s a teen flick so we’re used to that. I did find the whole jealousy aspect a little weird throughout because at the end of the day if you’re pretending to date there shouldn’t be any room for it but then again it’s a teen flick so emotions run high.

I’ve already rewatched this a few times because it’s not over dramatic & is an easy movie to watch & follow. The main character is relatable & the plot line develops really well.

Sierra burgess is a big loser

I’ve just watched this one & I think I’m in love! It has the whole catfish twist which is rather fitting because I’ve been binge watching that show all weekend. I love how the main character is an outsider but she’s not some pathetic girl she has her own strong personality & takes charge.

I just love when it all ends it friendship, y’no the whole mean girl becomes an angel kinda ending. The friendships within the show are key because that’s where you see the real character development. I just felt this movie held a lot of nostalgia for me even though it’s using very current themes. It has the outsider element & shows high school life from the perspective from someone who’s isn’t perfect which I like.

I actually really enjoyed watching the plot develop even though I could see where it was going & seeing the characters become more themselves. Plus it has a banging soundtrack!

Netflix teen classics - flatlay; tablet, cacti & antlers

I honestly think netflix are bringing their A game when it comes to the teen romance category & I can’t wait to see what else they release. I’m all for an evening of binging teen movies & now I have three new ones to add to the list. If you’ve already watched all these & are looking for a similar movie go watch the edge of seventeen which isn’t a netflix original but is brilliant as well.

If you’re move of a TV kinda person then head over to my previous netflix post to see my recommendations!

Shelley xx

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