New Year, Same Me

I know this is a little late into January, but as it’s meant to the most depressing week of the year I’m feeling reflective. I’ve taken time out of my usual routine to relax, get back on track and to feel myself again. That is something I aim to do more of this year. I’m a complete stress head who takes on too much and wonders why I even more stressed. This post isn’t a new years resolutions I’ll never compete kind of thing, it’s more of a reflection on what I need to do to be more sane this year. 

Sounds odd doesn’t it!! Any how I think I’ve gotten to an age where I don’t see the point in setting silly goals to complete that year. I never do. I’m never going to eat completely healthy or exercise daily. Instead I have life goals I want to aim towards year by year. 2016 is pretty important for me to reach my career goals and to maintain my lifestyle. I should be qualifying this year, so I aim to start working in the hair industry by summer. I should be moving out by May, so I need to save and get myself secure enough to do so. I’m going on my first holiday with Kane this year so I definitely need to de-stress before hand, otherwise I’ll end up crazy as hell. 

All I particularly want from this year, is to secure my future finally, get further to reaching the goals I’ve set for myself and spend that time with the best people. I can’t take living with fake people in my life who want to cause trouble. I’m too old to care about other’s opinions and judgements of me. I just want a calm 2016, full of recovery, happiness and success. If I finally learn to drive, that’ll be a plus but lets not make a resolution hey!! 

Ohh and also look who slipped back into her pink ways!! I’m blonde and feeling very odd without a bit of colour in my life!!

Shelley xx

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