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If you’re anything like me then you know the winter months are all about self care. My skincare regime is more intense & well my hair is in need of a bit of TLC. Not only does my skin become a lot drier my hair just isn’t as happy either. Winter is not the time to slack with your hair care routine; no one likes dry ends.

In my latest vegan update I mentioned I went to Vegfest & whilst there I did a mini haul. One of the stalls I came across was Noughty haircare which was extremely jammed packed so of course peaked my interest. I decided to purchase a few products & I’ve been testing them out.Noughty Shampoo & conditionerMy hair was in desperate need of a bit of treatment as my extensions had put me slightly through hell. As you can tell I was recommended the care taker shampoo to give my scalp a much needed refresh. Its a perfect fit because my scalp wasn’t feeling its best after my extensions putting constant pressure on it & as gross as it sounds it needed a deep exfoliation to get rid of build up.

Anyone who’s had extensions understands the struggle & I would recommend this to you all. It’s got oatmeal & bisabolol to soothe your scalp & get rid of any build up. It’s great if you have dandruff too & like me it’s perfect for people with sensitive scalps. It’s really done the trick to get my scalp back to health.

It smells similar to baby products so there’s only light scent. The biggest plus is that is the natural ingredients with no sulphates or chemicals so it won’t cause any frizziness or drag out your colour. Noughty Shampoo & conditioner                                                                                   Care Taker || To The Rescue

On to the conditioner which is something I’m still testing to get perfect. I opted for the to the rescue as it is a moisturising conditioner which I was definitely in need of. It came highly recommended by the team so seemed well suited for my hair. It contains almond, shea butter & olive oil to help smooth your hair & give it the moisture it needs.

In my case it seems a little heavy for my hair. I’m not one to use a lot of conditioner as my hair loves to get greasy & too much conditioner really speeds that up. I’m not entirely sure if the conditioner is working for me but it does leave my hair feeling smoother & smelling amazing.

The only downside is I feel like I can’t wash it out enough & leaves the back of my hair feeling slightly icky. Maybe it’s just me using too much or not giving it enough rinsing but it’s leaving me a little disappointed. I think for now I’m going to be using it sparingly rather than on a regular basis. It’s got great reviews so I won’t be ruling it out just yet.Noughty Shampoo & conditionerI really wanted to write a lighter piece of content & since I’m on this vegan journey I want to share with you some of my cruelty free finds. Make-up is something I find a lot more easier to find whereas when it comes to my hair & skin care I’m still building up my list of go to brands.

Noughty is a brand that I’ll be sticking with, there’s a lot of products to choose from & they are suited to different hair types. I’m really happy to have found an affordable brand that has a lot on offer. I can’t see these tubes lasting forever so I think next time I’ll give another product from their range a go.

Now I’m on the look out for some cruelty free & vegan styling products so please drop your favourite brands in the comments below. I need all the help I can get during this transition!

I’d also like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas as this will be my final post before the holidays kick in! I’ll be back after spending time with loved ones so I hope you all enjoy your Christmas celebrations.

Shelley xx

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