Jasper’s Nursery Tour

This post contains affiliate links & gifted products.nursery tour - book shelveDon’t worry guys I’m fully aware that my son is nearly 6 months but I’m only now getting around to his nursery tour! Having a baby is a handful & let’s be honest their nursery is really just a storage room for the majority of the time right?

But you’ll be happy to know I finally put away all the washing that I had stored in his crib & gave it a good clean to make it all Insta worthy for this nursery tour….. Phew!

nursery tour - room view

nursery tour - room view

The mini cot

So as you probably already know we panic bought a lot of our nursery furniture because I went into early labour & I wanted the nursery to be complete.  It turned out okay though because we had a basic notion of what we wanted & well I think it looks fab.

Our first major purchase was from Mokee where we got our crib & shelf. We got a set which included; the cot itself, the storage drawer, the mattress, three tiered shelfs & a changing mat (not pictured). We then added on the woollen storage attachment which to be honest we haven’t used too much. Now looking at their website I can’t see the sets so I’ve just linked the single items.

The set was definitely a bargain buy & the mini cot transforms so it’ll last him up to toddler age before we need to replace it. I honestly loved the sleek look of it & the reviews were amazing. Plus because we could get it all in one go it was perfect for us. They now even have more nursery furniture available.

The artwork

When it came to deciding on a theme for the nursery I was undecided between Dalmatian spots & tropical. I ended up going for tropical because it just seemed more fun for a babies room. We purchased the wall decals from Bairn designs & initially planned to cover the full wall but when we started we realised how many we’d need & decided against it. We may add a few extra leaves in the future but for now it makes a good feature.

The prints were an investment for our little man. I think he owns more expensive pieces than I do but I fell in love with them. I purchased them from Amber’s textiles on easy & the frames are just Ikea. I really wanted to shop a little smaller for his room just to make it more personal.

nursery tour - shelving unit

The storage

Okay this was one idea we had from the beginning because we didn’t want to spend lots on actually nursery furniture because the prices are silly. We purchased this trolley from Ikea & now it keeps all the need to grab items. Anything bigger goes in his cot draw & well it works so well.

He also has a little keepsake box my mum bought from the works which is now storing all his old clothes! It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling watching him outgrow his cute clothes.

nursery tour - vintage chair

nursery tour - handmade initial

The nursing chair

Okay lets be real here I don’t really use the chair for nursing but it does look fabulous in his nursery & it’s very comfy. It was a vintage bargain find & I adore it. It’s pretty big & I was a little worried it wouldn’t fit but thank god it did because where else would we put it.

Above we have the Mokee shelfs which store a few keepsakes. He’s got his fake plants, his empty plant pots cause the plants didn’t fit (Jacob made some felted cacti which will live in them) & his personalised letter I made. I really intended to make more for his nursery but didn’t get round to it but I am very proud of his J letter.

Also his curtains & lamps are a fabulous tropical jungle theme which I had to get. They are black out curtains & are brilliant.

nursery tour - baskets

The baskets – Gifted

These baskets are absolutely divine & we love them. They are the perfect size to store toys & it makes taking them up & down the stairs a lot easier. I use the Dino for toys & the stars hold all his blankets cause the boy has tonnes of blankets. I love the hand painted designs & I think think they add such a fun touch to his nursery.

nursery tour - wardrobe

nursery tour - clothes drawers

nursery tour - baby shoes

nursery tour - wardrobe

The wardrobe

This is the major part of the nursery tour & well it took the longest time to make. Probably took a lot longer cause I was in early labour & not allowed to do much but hey I love it. I think it’s lush that we made our own wardrobe rather than buying one. I really wanted an open plan style with lots of storage so that’s what we made.

We started off with the two drawer sets from B&M which were an absolute steal & well now we have 12 drawers which are actually really big. Then we bought two book shelfs from Ikea & repurposed them. We sprayed the poles, painted the shelfs & pretty much turned them on their head to create the wardrobe. It’s not perfect but it’s hand decorated & it’s lovely.

I adore being able to display his cute clothes & it gives us  the right amount of storage. We’ve added a few of his toys on the bottom along with his halloween basket & N sign. Then the shelf on top houses his books, first shoes, keep sake box & a few plants. It’s actually looking a little different now cause he’s got new outfits & new Christmas shoes but you get the picture.

nursery tour - bouncy chair

The toys

Finally we have his bouncy chair which was a gift & his favourite play gym. It mainly lives downstairs as you’ve probably seen on the gram but I had to include it. The baby gym is from Ikea & we just add his favourite toys to it like the sensory ribbon I made. He doesn’t have a lot of toys on display because I like to keep them all together & mainly in the living room but I can imagine soon enough this room will be full.

But that’s Jasper’s nursery tour & if like me you like a nosey into people’s decor you’ll hopefully be satisfied. I’d love to say it’s this tidy right now but ahh it’s really not. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for a 6months old as I’d love to add a few bit. Also tag me in your nursery tours so I can have a nosey too!

Shelley xx

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