Offline Memories || The Start Of A New Hobby

I’m a hoarder!! Yes I said it; I can’t help but keep hold of things. Luckily it’s not junk but usually things that hold memories or are from important people. I am trying to minimise my hoarding & in general reduce my storage & waste but memories are precious so I’ve found an alternative. We can all tell I love taking photos so I decided to treat myself to a Polaroid camera & order some prints. This of course led to scrap booking!!

Scrapbook: WHSmith

Polaroid prints: Lalalab (use referral code PG4ZFW55 for money off)

Polaroid camera: Argos

I don’t know if you can really call scrap booking a hobby but lots of people do it & love it so I thought I’d give it a go. Plus it’s a great way for me to store my memories & just keep hold of things that mean something. As you can tell Jacob is a big part of these memories but he is also a huge part of my journey & experiences so he would get a few features!!

I decided to order some “polaroid” prints from Lalalab & they are fab; bit bigger than I expected but it was such an easy site to use. They have tonnes of options other that polaroid style pictures so there’s something for everyone. It’s pretty affordable to!! Plus after a lot of research I decided to get the Instax mini 70 which fit my needs. It’s got a bit more of a manual element & its got a great selfie aspect. It was slightly pricey than the original you see a lot more of but for someone like me it just was the best option. I’ve not used it much but it’s a great way for me to capture something in the moment to add to the scrap book.

I’m actually excited to add more to this book as we go along; I always keep hold of tickets & such so it gives a more scrap book feel over a photo album. After payday it’s time to invest in some coloured pens & some quirky bits to add that personal touch!! It’s such a simple way to keep hold of memories & as much as I love to post online (isn’t instagram just an online photo album?!!) I also want to keep real life bits I can flick through on a whim.

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Shelley xx

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