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I remember back when I used to blog outfits I felt so under pressure to only show new items & be current. I always felt I had to be two steps ahead & shoot then post as soon as just incase that item sold out. How silly; now I just blog in my own time with what ever clothes I wear & have at the time. I still shop & I still like to shoot new clothes, but its more for me & less for fashion. If I like an outfit & wanna share it with you who cares when I got the clothes or if there are repeats!!

As you can tell from these photos I wore very inapropiate shoes to this beach but I made it out alive & without falling over. Got to be proud of small accomplishments!! Anyhow I found yet another tasselled item from Zara which of course I love; suede isn’t the easiest to wear in summer but it’s cut really nicely so it’s not to heavy. I decided to pair it with my smart shorts which created a faux playsuit which is definitely a look I go for a lot. I try not to wear all black in summer but it’s hard when your wardrobe has much more black than colours. Plus the outfit looked fab together so I popped on my go to kimono to add that splash of colour I needed. I love when an outfit comes together really easy & makes you feel fab.

I promise my next outfit won’t include my kimono again but I can’t promise tassels won’t appear!! I’m on the look out for some snazzy sandals & lots of tailored trousers at the moment so i’m sure a wishlist will be on its way.

What I’m wearing

 Kimono: New Look (Similar) Top: Zara Shorts: Topshop Sandals: River Island

(All photos taken at Bracelet Bay)

Shelley xx

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