Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old

This post may contain affiliate links marked with*Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old - full boxThe fact that Christmas is just round the corner is absolutely wild but it’s true so it’s time to get the final bits done. Including Jasper’s first Christmas Eve box which is a new tradition we’re introducing this year. It’s not something we really thought about doing but this year has been so poop we wanted to make Christmas special.

I thought I’d make this little blog post to share what we’re putting in our Christmas Eve box for a one year old as it may be handy for other new mums when they want to make one! Don’t worry we haven’t gone overboard but over the past few months we’ve picked up some little bits to introduce that Christmas spirit to him.

Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old

Our Christmas Eve Box - close up of christmas hoop Custom Santa hoop – Leo and Wolf*

The crate

First things first we brought our beautiful handmade Christmas Eve crate from the lovely Tayler & Hugo who handprints, assembles & decorates these gorgeous crates. We were very fortunate to snag one in her initial launch & as she sold out immediately. It took a little while to arrive as it was handmade & she had so many batches to make but it’s amazing & we’ll be using it for years.

Its not tiny but its not big too so it makes sure we stick to a few goodies rather than going silly with too many.

Santa Hoop

Our second small biz purchase was this beautiful custom hoop from the lovely Leo and Wolf*who machine embroideries different designs for nurseries. I’ve followed her for so long & when I saw these Christmas hoops I immediately had to check one. They’re super affordable & you can customise it to your style.

I sent her a picture of Jasper’s nursery & she sent me a picture of the colours she thought would work. They fitted perfectly & it just perfect. We can now put it up yearly too.

Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old - books Books – The works 

Christmas Books

We weren’t planning on getting any books cause Jasper is still in the eat them stage but when we saw these we thought why not? They were a complete bargain & it’ll be nice to read them to him even if it’s just that evening. Plus they’re squishy so he’ll like that!

From what I read online there’s a method to Christmas Eve boxes for a one year old which follows; something they want, something they need, something to wear & something to read so that’s pretty good to use.

Our Christmas Eve Box - elf plushieElf Plushie – Emily Spikings*

Elf Plushie

Our final small biz purchase was from the love Emily Spikings* who handmade these glorious plushies! I found her through one of the indie roller markets I took part in & I just couldn’t resist getting Jasper an elf.

She has two styles available & as we aren’t an elf on the shelf family this was a great alternative. Jasper’s at the stage of loving soft toys so I knew he’ll love this.

Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old - pjsChristmas Pjs

Okay you can’t make a Christmas Eve box for a one year old without getting a new set of pjs & socks can you?

We picked up this monster pjs for Jasper in Primark & they come with a matching dressing gown so I couldn’t resist. We didn’t get a Christmas style because we thought these would last a bit longer & they’re just fun!

We did get him some Christmas socks though so he’ll have a fuzzy pair for the big day.

Our Christmas Eve Box - wooden carsWooden toys

Finally we picked up this fun little cars from Flying tiger to add something small but fun. We picked these up first I think so these are what kicked off the idea of doing a Christmas Eve crate this year.

He loves cars & especially ones we little bits he can twist & such. They’re really small but I think they’re perfect for a pre Christmas treat.

Our Christmas Eve Box For A One Year Old - close up of box

So that’s all the items we’ve popped in our Christmas Eve box for a one year old! We’ve got one or two bits I’ve probably forgotten. I know we got Jasper a little penguin mug so I’ll pop that in before the day & I’m gonna start on a punch needle plushie today so hopefully I’ll get that finished in time!

Even though we were a little sceptical about Christmas Eve boxes at first I actually really love it & it’ll definitely be an ongoing tradition. I’d love to know if you have any traditions for your toddler?

Shelley xx

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