Creating A Personalised Case With Caseapp

Creating a personalised case with caseapp - flatlay of three cases

Ever since I upgraded my phone I’ve wanted a funky case but after an evening of searching caseify I just couldn’t find one that suited my style. Luckily I was contacted by caseapp to create my own personalised case & well I jumped at the chance. I love having a phone case that is intricate so I decided on the two cases above. Aren’t they blooming awesome?

Creating a personalised case with caseapp - two cases in front of skyline Creating a personalised case with caseapp - adventurers case in front of skyline

To begin with I really wanted a case about travel & adventure like my previous design so I headed over to my Pinterest board & select this picture which had been my screensaver for a while. It pretty much sums up my love for getting out & exploring. I just love how intricate it is but also looks really sleek.  The case itself is really strong which is a must for me because I am prone to dropping my phone & I like having a case with raised sides so it can’t land on the screen. Trust me it’s saved my bacon & few times all ready!

The second case I decided to create was the girl power because I think its super funky & well it’s fab! What else can I say? The design is lush & I just thought it would make a cute case. Turns out it really did & fitted perfectly. The design is also from Pinterest as I’m not the most creative myself. I would love to be good at graphic design but I’m really not blessed in that department & I didn’t have any pictures I wanted to use for a case either.

Creating a personalised case with caseapp - flatlay of three cases Creating a personalised case with caseapp - girl power case in front of skyline

The process is super simple; you select your phone, upload & image, move it around to the desired fit & then you can add text etc to perfect it. It does notify you if your image quality isn’t great & both mine said good but not perfect but ended up looking fab. You can also choose from a matte or shiny finish which I went for matte. The cases themselves are slightly slippery to grip so just be aware of that if you carry your phone a lot because you could easily drop it.

There’s a bunch of designs to choose from hence my iPad skin; I really wanted something simple & monochrome so I opted for the brushstroke skin. I would have loved a Mac book case but alas no where seems to stock my size but hey I wanted the touch bar so I have to live with it.

I really love my cases that I was gifted by the company & after seeing the quality of them I would definitely use their site again. If you would like to make an order yourself be that personalised or just from their designs here’s a 20% off code BYBUSBY20 so make sure to grab your discount! Caseapp also offered me the chance to run a giveaway so I’ll be releasing that on my Instagram very soon so keep an eye out & enter for a chance to bag yourself a freebie.

I would love to know if you’ve created your own skin or case in the past so leave me a comment below with a picture too if you have one.

Shelley xx

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*This post was written in collaboration with Caseapp & the items were gifted to me for review*

Creating a personalised case with caseapp - Pinterest graphic

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