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Podcasts- feature pageIt’s kind of a funny story because after many years of pushing podcasts to one side & not enjoying them I’ve found a collection of those I really enjoy. I was never one to listen to podcasts & it’s purely from not delving into the world & finding those that I actually want to listen to. As of recent I’ve discovered a new love of listening to podcasts & it definitely fills those lunch breaks or commutes to work. You can probably notice a theme emerging through the collection I have created so I thought I’d share some of my favourite crime based podcasts. Podcasts- my favourite murder

My Favourite Murder

First stop has to be my favourite murder as it was the one that introduced me into the world of podcasting. I had seen people raving about it for a while but it’s not until I saw a few more frequent tweets that I thought why not & gave it a go. It’s safe to say that I’ve fallen in love & it’s one of my firm favourites.

It’s now a podcast that I can only listening to in Jacob’s presence because it’s his favourite to, so on our travels to & from Wales or just before bed this is our go to. The commentary is full of comedy so it doesn’t have a morbid feel to it. Not only is it full of murder stories you get an insight into the life of the ladies sharing their fav murders.

It’s a podcast that is full of fun even though the basis is about sharing murder anedotes. The quirky narrative keeps you listening & laughing whilst keeping the topics light hearted. It’s not the podcast to go if you’re looking for hard facts (they are happy to announce that themselves) but it is great if you have an interest in murders.

It’s easy to listen to & there are tonnes of episodes to choose from. Obviously we started from the beginning & are working our way through the full content. We’ve even booked tickets to the live shows next year, so we’re off to Dublin in May. It’s an interactive podcast that keeps you wanting to listen.

What else could you ask for in a murder podcast?

Podcasts- serialPodcasts- serial Serial

This is always one of my favourites I’ve discovered along the way. It’s pretty simple; you follow an investigative journalist (Sarah Koenig) who is delving into a criminal case either closed or open. I really love the format of this show as you get to follow the case from start to finish alongside Sarah. The narrative is perfect in my mind & I just really enjoy listening to Sarah’s take on the case.

This podcast filled all my lunch breaks until I completed both series & I can’t lie, I’m pretty disappointed there’s not more to follow. They have released a simpler podcast which I’m going to try but I really like Sarah being the main focus & investigating the case for the audience.

Season one follows a murder case & Sarah delves into all the evidence presented, coming up with her own opinions of the crime, the court proceedings & the “murderer” Adnan Syed. I’m not going to spoil it for you but this podcast is amazing. You learn so much about the case & you can come up with your own verdict. I truly believe that the evidence presented wasn’t strong enough to convict Adnan & believe his story but that is something you can determine on your journey.

Season two follows Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearances from his army base & his capture by the Taliban. This was a subject that I wasn’t sure I would enjoy but Sarah sold it to me & it turned out be really interesting. It’s not on the topic of murder like most of the podcasts but it’s still really compelling to follow.

Podcast - the last podcast on the leftThe Last Podcast On The Left

Here’s where we come to a podcast that I’m still easing into. I’m not sure if this one’s for me but it has come highly recommend by listeners & other podcasts. It follows three male hosts exploring the more morbid side of reality. From murders to urban legends it has enough variation in topics to keep you interested & listening.

The only reason I’m not enjoying it as much as others is because the narrative isn’t necessarily to my liking. I feel it comes across as more ladish & some of the jokes I don’t find as funny as others probably do. On the other hand there’s tonnes of episodes to choose from so I really want to give it more of a go.

If you are after a comedic take on the horrors that the world has to offer than it’s definitely one to listen to.

podcasts - Someone knows somethingSomeone Knows Something

To end I had to share another podcast I found through Karen & Georgia (my fav murder), which follows a similar format to serial. As you can guess it’s one of my absolute favourites. Even though I’m only a few episodes into season one I have found a huge interest in the plot line.

Season one follows David the host investigating the disappearance of Adrien McNaughton. Conversations with the family members gives you a in-depth insight into the case & you get to explore it alongside David. The case is one that nobody quite knows whats happened so it gives you the opportunity to form your own understanding along the way.

His narration keeps you interested & there’s enough fact vs opinion to help your form your own view upon the case. I’m really interested to see where this story leads & to see if anymore evidence comes to light.

podcasts- feature pagePodcasts have really taken over my free time. I just find them so easy to listen to & when you find a good narrative you’re hooked. I really enjoy the factual side of podcasts but I have been veering towards more comedic narratives so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. I really need to branch out into other subjects but for now I’m feeding my inner murderino’s curiosity!

Shelley xx

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