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Daisy case:*Raccon-God (society6)*

My lovely friend Rachael sent me this case as a moving in present. You may of heard of Raccoon-God on tumblr or her many stores. Rachael is a dear friend to me so it was a lovely surprise to receive one of her items. I decided to do a review because I fell in love with the case as soon as it arrived and I needed to share the quality with  you guys. 

As you can see the case is well printed. Rachael creates digitally art herself. She has also created my new business cards for my shop (will show them off soon), my blog banner and digital art of me. She’s truly amazing so it’s lovely to see her shop taking shape and growing day to day. 

The case itself is very sturdy. It’s slightly heavier than most cases in my opinion but that is due to the case being slightly thicker. The inside is also padded. The case has the usual top layer to add shine and protect the design. This is just one of the many cases available in this style on her Society 6 account. The one thing I find odd is the camera opening as it is a lot larger than the average case. This means that there is about a centimetre of additional phone on show. It’s not a problem at all, I just initially found it different. 

The case comes well wrapped. It was fully protected which is important when it is shipped overseas. Society 6 ships from America so I did have a custom charge. I dislike custom charges just like everyone else but I guess it’s just a risk you have to take when ordering from America. As stated above the case has padding inside. This is the major selling point, I really love how well protected your phone is. Not only is the case thicker than usual but the padding protects your phone from rubbing and shock if dropped. 

The prices of the phone cases are slightly higher than I would usually pay, but after recieving this case I would happily purchase one in the future just down to quality. Rachael has a few other sites with an even larger range of cases (linked below). Rachael’s range of items extend outside of cases and the usual prints, as she makes a huge range from clothing to wall clocks. There’s such variety on all her shops and it gives you the opportunity to purchase unique pieces designed by herself and printed professionally. If you have some time spare it’s worth having a look as I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of items that catch your eye. 

Society6: society6.com/raccoongod

Redbubble: redbubble.com/people/raccoon-god

Artofwhere: artofwhere.com/shop/artist/raccoon-god

Facebook: facebook.com/raccoongodstore

Blog: raccoon-god-store.tumblr.com

Shelley xx

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