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This post contains affiliate links.reading wrap up - book stacked with mug on topDoesn’t it seem like everyone is starting to read way more this year? Or maybe its just the people I follow but either way its really got me motivated to read a lot more. I want to spend more time off screen & just enjoy my downtime with a good book rather than scrolling social media. I’ve actually given myself a little Goodreads reading challenge of 10 books this year which is way more reasonable than my last one. I thought I could do a regular reading wrap up to share how I’m getting on with you guys & hopefully recommend you a book or two.

Unnatural causes by Richard Shepherd

This was a book that took me a little too long to read mainly because I kept picking it up & putting it down. When I started it I wasn’t really spending time reading actively so I didn’t make time to get through it. That is no reflection on the book itself because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s such an easy read but also really interesting. Its basically an autobiography by Dr Shepherd that focuses both on his personal & professional life. I think at first like many I thought it would be more a discussion about his work & that would be the main focus however his chapters about his upbringing & family life really add to book. It makes Dr Shepherd feel very human & removes that facade of doctors seeming superior.

I really enjoyed learning about the famous cases he worked on & learning more about autopsies in general. I do feel some of the chapters were a little more tedious to read like the court cases but that’s more due to conversational format.

I think overall the way the book is written is a reflection on Dr Shepherd style. You feel like you get to know him & relate to him whilst learning about a world which is very foreign to most.

Stay sexy & don’t get murdered by Karen Killgariff & Georgia Hardstark

This one was a really quick read that I stole from Jacob. I actually bought him the book when it was first released because we both enjoy the podcast. I did enjoy it but its not a must read. I think if you enjoy the podcast then this is a book you’d probably want to read but if you don’t then there’s no real point to reading.

It’s a joint memoir by Karen & Georgia who take their signature sayings & elaborate on them. It’s not murder related, it’s purely about them & their lives. It’s an interesting read in the sense I got to learn more about the hosts & their spoken voice really translates to their writing style but it doesn’t really feel like a book. It’s pretty informal with the odd mistake & feels more like a blog. Then again I do enjoy reading blogs so….

reading wrap up - book spines

The taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor

This was an odd one for me because when I started it I wasn’t too sure if I was enjoying it or not. It took a little while to get into it & feel hooked. I’m very much a thriller kinda gal so I persevered & I’m glad I did.

It’s got a mysterious tone to it which I enjoyed because most of the thrillers I read are very crime related. I enjoyed Tudor’s writing style & the way she adds a bit of horror. I do think the horror could have been elaborated on much more which its unusual for me because I’m not a horror person but sometimes I felt like things weren’t really explained. There was folklore twists to this story that just weren’t explored. They were just there as if they were everyday occurrences.

I did enjoy the twists that occurred in the book & even if towards the end some were a little more predicable than others Tudor added extra twists that kept you interested. I was definitely more & more intrigued as the story developed.

I wasn’t necessarily keen on the main character but I don’t think as a reader I was meant to. Even though I didn’t relate to Joe it didn’t make it hard to read. I didn’t feel like I had to like or relate to him.

I’m glad I read the book & will try more from Tudor in the future.

The family upstairs by Liza Jewell

This was one of those books that each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character. It switches between the three “main” characters each chapter so at first I was like hmm will I get on with this. Not that it was too difficult to keep up but as someone who read as & when, I was sure if I’d get lost or confused.

After a few chapters I was sure this book was one I would enjoy so give it a chance if you’re like me.

So without giving any actual spoilers the book follows the plot of Libby a baby found in a house with three dead adults, Henry who was a child of the owners of the house & Lucy, Henry’s sibling who is now living in France with her two children homeless. It basically follows their lives both in the present (Lucy & Libby) while Henry explains what happens in the house to lead to the deaths.

I throughly enjoyed this book & the twists it took really intrigued me. I really loved the characters of Lucy & Libby whereas I felt a bit uneasy about Henry. I don’t think you expect every revelation even though there’s one or two that you begin to predict.

It’s one of those books that has been such a different read to other thrillers. It’s both fast paced but a slow read if that makes any sense. I would really suggest picking this one up if you get the chance.

Yeah so that’s the four books I started 2020 off with. I’m currently reading hard pushed  which is a midwives story so that’s one that’ll be on my next reading wrap up. I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these & your thoughts. I’d love to say send me your recommendations but my to-read list is rather huge right now so I’ll save that for next time!

Shelley xx

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