Realistic Ways To Be More Sustainable In 2020

Realistic Ways To Be More Sustainable - Lucy and yak boiler suit close upI think we all aware of the issues behind sustainability & why it is so important to be more sustainable this year. I also think we are constantly bombarded with this notion that we need to make big changes immediately to do so & it can be rather overwhelming. I definitely think the pressure makes it seems so hard to actually be more sustainable so I wanted to share a few realistic ways you adapt your lifestyle in 2020.

I’m not expert at this & even I make slip ups on occasion. It’s pretty hard to just switch your brain so suddenly so its enviable you’ll make mistakes along the way.

On the other hand if you are trying to be a more mindful of your choices & edge to a more sustainable lifestyle then maybe try one or two of these to get you started.

Realistic ways to be more sustainable in 2020

Shop your wardrobe

This year is all about ditching fast fashion & I think the perfect way to start is by looking at your wardrobe. Sort your wardrobe out people & you’ll find sooo many hidden gems. There’s honestly nothing wrong with outfit repeating or wearing old clothes. Just cause Instagram makes you think you have to buy new clothes every week doesn’t mean its true.

Honestly regig your wardrobe; make it make sense for you. Make it more accessible for daily use so you don’t panic thinking you have no new clothes.

My wardrobe currently holds all the clothes I’m likely to wear daily. They easily match together & I can make quick decisions from just looking at it. That doesn’t mean I’ve gotten rid of the rest of them. They are just in boxes or draws for later use. I know I’ll want to wear them again or regret chucking them so I’ve put them to one side till my next sort out.

Go paperless

This is surprisingly an easy one because our lives are pretty much now on our phones. We don’t need to pay extra for postage to get gig tickets cause they are downloadable. We have apple wallets, you can buy your bus tickets through an app & see all your bank statements online.

I know it’s a bit of a fuss to print stuff out cause who’s printer doesn’t break just when you need it to work but in general going paperless is pretty simple when you think of it.

I bet you can name three ways you’re already paperless right now…

Transition single use plastic out of your life

This is one I have to work on a lot more because I’m not perfect when it comes to plastic. Mainly because I’m forgetful as hell.

I’m making a conscious effort to take tote bags with me instead of getting a bag of life & I try to remember my reusable cup/flask.

One thing I find is packaging is usually a ridiculous amount of plastic but I am now opting for companies who don’t feel the need to go plastic. I personally use recyclable packaging for my etsy shop & I’m gonna start phasing out companies who just use an unnecessary  amount of plastic.

I think the single use plastic problem is a joint problem between the individual consumer & the cooperations using it.

Realistic Ways To Be More Sustainable - Lucy and yak boiler suit & dr Martens(Affilate links| Boilersuit: Lucy & Yak | Boots: Dr Martens | Bag: Dr Martens)

Eat meat free meals

A year or so ago I went vegan & it was a fab decision. I felt so much healthier & my body liked me a lot more.

Slowly I stopped eating vegan & by the time I was ready to take the plunge I was pregnant. I was not tackling pregnancy vegan at all.

Now I’m back to providing just for me I’m determined to phase animal products back out of my diet. It’s gonna be a slow progress to ensure I don’t slip up & so I can make sure I get the nutrients right.

Cutting out animal products is a fab way to be more sustainable this year & it doesn’t mean you have to go vegan. Try meat free Mondays for example! Just eating meat free now & again or switching your milk to a dairy alternative will help the environment.

Think before you buy

I think we are all guilty of making impulsive purchases & just being a little spend happy.

This year I’m trying to think before I buy because no I don’t need another eyeshadow pallet & I don’t need another pair of jeans. I don’t need to be spending the money for one but I don’t think we realise how much many products can’t be recycled.

There is so much plastic in cosmetics & most of it isn’t recyclable so we’re just creating more & more unnecessary plastic that will become waste.

I know I’ve used cosmetics as an example but that’s one of my weaknesses. Well that & buying too many denim clothes (which needs to stop) but I’m sure you can think of things you buy that you probably didn’t need more of.

Make small switches

Being sustainable isn’t an overnight change you can make. No one expects you to live perfectly either. It’s all about making those small switches that will benefit the environment even if its just a small difference.

All our small switches adds up & well it makes the people in charge realise that we as consumers want to see change.

A few small switches I can think of right off the top of my head are; buy a reusable coffee cup, get a tote bag for shopping, use muslin clothes instead makeup wipes, use eco friendly cleaning products or even make your own.

Even just adding “influencers” who are promoting sustainable living to your social feeds instead of following another fast fashion brand will help you make small changes.

There’s just a few realistic ways to be more sustainable this year. Just simple switches that you can pick & choose from if you are wanting to be a little more sustainable. I know how overwhelming it can be to make these sort of changes in your life especially when its a big deal on social media. Sometimes you just need to break it down into small segments that are manageable for you. Don’t worry what other people are doing & just do what you can!

No matter how far along on your sustainable journey you are I hope this post helps even just a little. Plus if you have any more tips I can try out please let me know as I’d love to add them to my list.

P.s if you do want to purchase this blooming amazing boiler suit than use my referral code for Lucy & Yak so I can buy more of their dungarees that I clearly live in. Cheers!! I’m pretty sure both my bag & boots are now sold out with Dr Martens so check your second hand apps for them if wanna snap them up.

Shelley xx

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  • Amazing tips – I think the most important ones are to think before buying (and voting with your $ for something that might be unsustainable) and to reduce your usage of single use plastics. I have been trying to live as sustainably as possible since May of 2018, and there are so many easy things to change to reduce those pesky single uses. My favorite are switching to a metal safety razor and using shampoo bars. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch! Life of an Earth Muffin

    • oooh I really want to change my razor over so please send me your recommendations. I’m still on the hunt for a good shampoo bar but I’ve replaced a few skincare products!

      Thanks for commenting