Recovering From The December Burnout

december burnout - bath pictureJanuary is the time for change right? It’s that time to plan ahead, set some resolutions & change your lifestyle… wrong! Well it’s wrong for me at least. I stopped buying into this new year new me stuff a few years back. To be honest after the whole festivities I need to take a huge chunk of January to recover from the December burnout. Maybe its just me but the last thing I need after Christmas is something that adds any kind of pressure to my overstressed brain.

So when I say December burnout what do I mean?

You know that exhaustion you get after planning the presents, buying the presents, decorating the tree, attending festive events & seeing every family member possible? Yeah that’s what I’m referring to. Some call it a Christmas burnout or a festive burnout but for me I just find the whole of December to be the cause.

Don’t worry I’m not being a negative Nancy I’m just being honest. I had a lush Christmas; I spent December doing lovely things with lovely people & the day itself was amazing but I still feel burnout.

I think its just cause its a lot in one month & you do feel a level of pressure to do festive things & be festive. It just feel like a lot, especially when I can’t just shut off my mental health & let Christmas take over.

Plus if I’m being totally honest my mood is pretty low on the scale of happy to unhappy so all the excitement around me makes me feel a little guilty for not being THAT excited. Not that I don’t enjoy myself I just don’t feel emotions like everyone else. It just quite uncomfortable really.

Okay now we’ve established what it means to me let’s talk about the recovery.

January is that month for me. Its just not a busy month & it feels lush. Everything seems to slow down & people tend to go about their lives without that mad rush December brings.

This month:

I’m gonna spend the time I get Jacob & Jasper all to myself (yay for extended Christmas holidays) to enjoy family time. Just to relax with each other & have fun as a family.

I’m going to focus on slowing down my pace & not forcing myself to blog or create or pretty much anything.

I’m going to be honest with people & just say no when I’m not up to seeing people & doing things.

I’m going to accept that sometimes I will feel deflated now the holidays are over & things have gone back to normal

I’m not going to listen to anyone’s BS about reinventing myself or changing my lifestyle cause there’s no reason to. I’m very happy being me & I am fab as I am.

I’m going to be honest with myself when I look back on 2019 so I can actually work on the things I need to. There’s definitely a few things that have affected me way more than I thought & are only now coming to the surface so I want to process them properly.

I’m just going to be easier on myself & give myself the space to recover from the December burnout. Nothing fancy; no self care miracles, just plain old kicking back & letting it happen naturally. Oooh & taking all the OTT colourful baths because I have so many products to try & I blooming love it.

I’m not entirely sure how many people experience the festive burnout but if you do I hope me talking about mine has made it feel a little more normal. I hope January will be a little easier for you & you get rime to relax. Also I know this post is going up a little later than I planned but hey I did say I wouldn’t force content!

Shelley xx

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