Reinventing Prom With Boohoo

Reinventing Prom with boohoo - co-ord & jacket side view

Let’s rewind a few years… pfft who am I kidding; it’s definitely not a few, more like 9. Now we’ve established I’m older than I look let rewind 9 years & head back to those prom days. It’s pretty much a distant memory for me now & I actually had two proms one in 2010 & one in 2012 (6th form life!), both which feel like zonks ago & let’s just say 2010 wasn’t a prime time for my style or my confidence.

Reinventing Prom with boohoo - polka dot co-ord full outfit front view Reinventing Prom with boohoo - chocker & top close up

Prom was that day when you’ve got to wear that pretty dress & throw on some heels, have your makeup done & your hair in some silly up do that really isn’t your style. It was my first time wearing heels & well I bossed that but I have to admit if I went back now I would not wear that dress. I’m not saying it was terrible; it was still monochrome (which we know is my go to) & it wasn’t one of those bedazzled ballgowns everyone wears but it was a one shoulder with a rouched bottom. It wasn’t horrid but it wouldn’t be my choice if I could rewind.

Thanks to Boohoo (yes I said boohoo, can you tell I’m excited?) I have the chance to reinvent myself & well this is my new look. We all know I love a co-ord & I’m much more a trouser than dress kinda gal. When I chopped my hair off I had to discover a new look & well I think jumpsuits/playsuits are the way to go.

Reinventing Prom with boohoo - full outfit front view

Choker: Missguided || *Co-ord: Boohoo* || Heels: Primark || Clutch: Stradivarius || Jacket: Ebay (originally Topshop)

Reinventing Prom with boohoo - box bag clutch close up

Since I got to choose from Occasion wear I decided to go for a co-ord because one it’s more me & two it’s bloody beauts. I think I may have a slight polka dot obsession this season so it obviously stood out for me. Their dresses are gorgeous but I honestly don’t think I’d opt for a dress if I was to head to prom again. It’s just not me anymore; yes I love dressing up but tbh the dresses I opt for these days are not the most appropriate for a school event. I love mess & cutout dresses so that wouldn’t go down too well….

Prom is about you! Dressing how you feel comfortable & confident. Its that day when you get to show of who you are in front of your peers who have basically only seen you in a uniform or on the odd mufti day. Yes the ballgowns are beautiful but if that isn’t you then don’t feel pressured to do it. This outfit still looks fabulous & maybe you don’t think it’s very prom but style changes & well prom looks don’t have to follow the stereotype.

Reinventing Prom with boohoo - co-ord & jacket full outfitReinventing Prom with boohoo - polka dot co-ord & studded jacket close up

This look is very me & that’s what matters. Prom in 2010 was very much dresses & heels. I looked like everyone else & well I don’t dress like everyone else in reality. Nobody dresses the same & standing out isn’t a bad thing. I may not be heading to a real prom but Boohoo gave me a chance to be me & let my readers know that any event you go to; should be about expressing yourself. I’d quite like to think that 16 year old me would be much happier knowing that I grew out of that wanting to fit in stage & proud of how confident I am today.

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Shelley xx

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*This post was in collaboration with Boohoo for their occasion wear*

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