Sara-M-Lyons Nail Decal Review

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Last night I was finally able to use my Sara M Lyons nail decal sets and the results are wonderful. I couldn’t resist sharing the results with you lovely lot so I thought I might as well do a review too. For this set I used CCO’s gel polish in shade ice vapour as the base, then layered my custom selected set of decals, as well as a chosen few from my valentines set.

 As you can see the results are lovely. The decals themselves are rather dainty so you can fit two or three on your nail depending on the length. I went for a super girly set with lots of make-up decals and a few valentines pieces too. Some of the decals don’t show as clearly on the glitter polish as they are opaque or white themselves, but it is suggested to use pale colours. This is due to the clear nature of the decals. I think with a gorgeous pink or purple these would pop even more. As you can see the decals really have a lot of detail for such small images so there’s been a lot of hard work put in and that really reflects in the quality too. 

Now for an application review. I have never used water decals before but luckily Sara included a step by step guide which was a lot simpler than I would have thought. The general gist is to cut out the decals and then remove the clear sheet, place on nail and then dip in water until the back slips off. This is super easy to complete and really helpful, but my only issue was removing the top plastic once cut out. I found on smaller decals it was a lot harder once they were cut completely out. Here’s a simple tip I found. If you cut out the rows of decals as close as you can, then slide the plastic off  slightly and cut one at a time, it makes the process easier. Plus when you next need to use the decals on that row you have the extra plastic to peel even easier. That does mean the decal may have extra surrounding plastic but it’s clear so it doesn’t show on the nail. Plus you can file down/cut any extra around the nail before adding the top coat.

Overall I love these products, the packaging is fab, they always arrive securely with lots of added bonuses in the packaging and the application is simple. Sara has soo many sets including Beyonce themed sets and continues to create stand out pieces. If nail decals aren’t your thing there’s also stickers and mugs available too. 





Shelley xx

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