Saying Goodbye To Fast Fashion

Goodbye To Fast Fashion - outfit in sunflower field; star jumpsuit

Back in January I delved into the topic of slow styling & now is the time to finally saying goodbye to fast fashion. This year I decided to change my attitude towards fashion & it’s been a slow process but now I want to take the next step. We all know by now that fast fashion isn’t a good thing; for the environment, for the workers or even for our wallets so I’m not here to lecture anyone. This is my personal experience well I’m ready to say goodbye to fast fashion finally.

Goodbye To Fast Fashion - outfit in sunflower field; star jumpsuit

I am the first to admit that I love clothes. I have a lot of them & I will probably want to buy more. I’m not one for trends but I know what I like so if I see something I like I tend to want to buy it then & there. It’s been a problem for me in the past & I spent a long time spending money I didn’t always have. Luckily I got my self together & stopped being silly with money. Now I do spend but I won’t put myself in a tricky position just for a new pair of shoes or a new dress y’no.

Even though I’ve got the unnecessary spending sorted I still buy on a whim on occasion & I still shop when I don’t really need to. Now I really want to focus on changing that. My spending habits aren’t unhealthy but I’d like to still address them & see if I can tweak them a little.

Fast fashion is a big thing for me because I can be pretty impulsive & that’s what they want you to be. If I see an ad on my feed for something I’d wear I tend to venture onto the clothing site & have a browse. I don’t always buy but sometimes I do! I am a sucker for a Facebook ad & now they are all tailored they catch me all the damn time!

Luckily I love vintage fashion & am more than happy to thrift shop. I don’t see any problem with wearing clothes pre-owned or from a different era. I actually love having clothes that aren’t everywhere & have something original about them.

The thing is even though I love a vintage kilo sale I still find it soooooo much easier to shop higstreet as I think a lot of us do. I find it so irritating having to hunt through unorganised clothes.

But I am determined to change & say goodbye to fast fashion!

Goodbye To Fast Fashion - outfit in sunflower field; star jumpsuit

Goodbye To Fast Fashion - outfit in sunflower field; star jumpsuit

So what have I done so far?

Okay guys I’ll stop chatting bout my shopping addiction & get onto what I’m actually doing. This year I really called it quits on shopping for the sake of shopping & decided to start shopping my wardrobe. It worked pretty well & I rediscovered things I loved. It helped that I was pregnant for a lot of it so had limited things I could wear but I realised I don’t need a lot to feel good.

I have downsized my wardrobe a lot & I mean a lot! I donated a bunch of things when we moved house so I didn’t need to do a full on keep or get rid of cull but it’s now organised as hell. I’ve gone through my wardrobe & decided what I will wear regularly vs what I like but don’t wear often enough. Now my wardrobe is only things I will wear on a daily basis & everything else is stored away.

I have done it with everything so my wardrobe has jackets, tops, dresses etc hung & then the jeans, shorts, jumpers etc folded below. I still have all my other bottoms in my bedroom draws but now I can create outfits from my wardrobe directly. It’s so pleasing to the eye but also reduces the frustration of getting dressed & trying on ten outfits before finding the one.

Other than that I have started to follow people who focus on conscious shopping & researching brands etc. Here’s two of my fav bloggers; Alice & Amyleigh.

Changes I’m going to make

I’ve done a few basic things to start this journey but now I want to fully commit to saying goodbye to fast fashion s0 I’m attempting to cut out shopping unless I need to.

I’ve decided to opt for sustainable brands if I want to add something to my wardrobe. This jumpsuit for example is from Nobody’s child & you’ve probably noticed me wearing a lot of Lucy & Yak. I’m still going to add to my wardrobe. I’m fully aware it’s not going to be easy to stop shopping & I will slip up so I don’t want to be like no shopping at all. It’s no feasible for me!

Also I’ve spent a lot of time discovering my preferred style so I want to keep delving into that so I can create my own version of a capsule wardrobe. I’m the first to admit I will always have a large wardrobe but if I can tailor it to things I will actually get wear out of then I feel like I’m moving forward.

I definitely need a lot of education of what is sustainable, what brands are sustainable etc but that will come in time.

I also know I will shop in highstreet brands from time to time & I can’t make myself feel guilty about that. Some of my most loved items of clothing have come from stores like toyshop or primark. I wear a cardigan I bought back in 2013 almost daily & that’s from toyshop. It’s falling apart but I have not yet found one I like enough to replace it.

I think it’s okay to shop from fast fashion if you aren’t going to make it fast fashion. If I know I’ll wear something regularly then I feel that’s still being conscious of my habits.

Goodbye To Fast Fashion - outfit in sunflower field; star jumpsuit

What you can expect from me from now on

Well here’s the tricky thing because I do like to show my style on here & people like a link. I also would like to make money from my blog so those affiliates links but I can’t let that stop me. I’ll still be sharing my outfits on here & on occasion they’ll be a new item however sometimes I’ll be slow styling. I’ll try to make sure I put alternatives up if the items aren’t new but I do think of myself as more of a lifestyle blogger than fashion!

I’ll still be shopping second hand & sustainably so I’ll always let you know within the post.

Anyhow it’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion so wish me luck! 

Shelley xx

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