September’s End Of Year Goals

End Of Year Goals - full outfit in cabbage field

Ah September; that time of year where it feels like the slate is wiped clean & everything is refreshed.  Autumn is here, the heatwave is coming to an end & halloween is around the corner!

I think it might be that back to school vibe that no matter how old you are you can’t shake. Remember walking into a new “year” with an empty planner & fresh notepads you are determined to keep neat & tidy.

Whatever it is about this time of year I think it’s the perfect time to stop & think about a few end of year goals. I always feel like the final months are a mix of feeling the need to curl up with hot chocolate & feeling the need to  achieve those goals! I’ve decided this year to have a rethink & make those goals a little easier so I can focus much more on the relaxing side of life.

Let’s get on with it shall we…..

Try something new

I don’t care what it is but I would love to achieve this goal. If I could magically develop the motivation to learn to drive than fabulous but if not just trying a new food or making something new would be nice. I just want to use my brain a little more y’no?

Build a flexible routine

Lord having a baby has thrown my routine out the window & I’m not okay with it. I have to be okay with it because things are going to change anytime soon so I’m attempting a flexible routine. Just maybe a loose plan of what I would like to achieve during the week so I can feel somewhat organised. It’ll be nice to be able to juggle a baby with cleaning the house & doing the washing at some point so I don’t feel so frustrated.

Cook more

Jacob does a lot of the cooking in the house because I am usually too tired to even think about food. That needs to change because I love cooking & I’m not too bad at it either. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but I would like to try & cook a few times a week. I could even try a few new dishes & tick off two goals in one.

Cut out dairy

Okay being pregnant threw me off my non dairy diet & I would like to revert back already. I think if I slowly reduce the amount of dairy I consume I can probably be dairy free again by January & then work on reducing my meat consumption too. Definitely taking it a lot slower this time so I can stick to it.

Reduce how much I shop

Well this probably a goal for most people considering its now #secondhandseptember but I really want to make it a long term thing. I’ve recently shrunk my wardrobe & made a move from fast fashion to slow styling. I want to create a more capsule wardrobe that is easy to create outfits with. If I do shop I aim to shop with sustainable/ethical brands.

I also want to move towards low waste living so I’ll be making changes slowly. I really want to achieve this goal!

Spend more days doing nothing

Like I said before this time of year should be about relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate & a good movie. I want to be able to enjoy more of those days. Embrace the lazy days with my little one & appreciate the time I have with him while he’s little. I’m working on reducing my productivity guilt so I can spend more days doing nothing.

So there’s my end of year goals for 2019 & well I think I’ve made them pretty achievable. I’d love to know what your end of year goals are & if you make goals this time of year. Also if you’re looking for this fabulous jumpsuit it’s still in stock & there’s different styles available to suit your preference.

Shelley xx

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