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Recently I’ve been selling some unwanted shoes on my Depop (l0stkeys) and my tumblr so I was able to purchase shoes I’ve had my eye on for a while. As you can see I like quite quirky shoes so these are totally different styles. I thought I’d make a quick post about each and give them a mini review. 

 I originally owned some flatform loafers in metallic from Topshop but due to my ankles being weak I had to sell them, so I purchased these. I’m loving this metallic trend and this boots are super cute and easy to wear and style. I have to have support for my ankles so these fit perfectly. They have a zip at the back so you don’t have to worry about the buckles each time you wear them. I wore them to work today and they are super comfortable; no rubbing or blisters which is a plus. They are also a bargain compared to Topshop and other leading brand prices. 

I have been dying to purchase these shoes since I saw them on boohoo but £50 for a pair of shoes is a lot of money. When I found them on La mode I was surprised at the difference in price for the same shoes. A lot of stores are selling them but this is the cheapest price I have found. Luckily from selling shoes I had the funds to get them and I am so glad. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear as the platform at the front makes the heel less steep. They do increase your height a lot so if like me you have long legs and don’t deal with heels well they may not be for you. Luckily I am forever wearing platforms. I plan to wear them for my trip away next week and can not wait. They are super easy to style and can be worn for a casual outfit or a going out adventure. 

I would highly recommend both shoes and La mode is a great website to buy shoes in fashionable styles so check them out. 

Shelley xx

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