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*Makeup bag: £14.50*

*Pocket mirror: £3.50*

Phone case: £14

I recently purchased Polly’s new hot chocolate phone case (which I adore way too much!!) and I was lucky enough to be gifted a few items too!! Feeling blessed since I love this store to pieces. I have owned soo many cases and I have reviewed them before (here) but since Polly has changed manufactures and added new items I had to update you all. 

Phone case review

Isn’t this the cutest winter design you’ve seen in a long while? The design itself has a really cute colour theme.  The finish at first is shiny and smooth but as of recent they fade to matte over time. This is actually great because some cases have a clear top layer which is time starts to peel or you notice areas lacking shine. The designs I’ve had throughout haven’t faded or peeled so you’re definitely getting a long lasting case. The design is printed on a clear case so the sides are transparent too. This is great as phones come in such a range of colour these days. The one plus I’ve found with these cases over many others are the durability. Sometimes when removing cases I find they can break especially around the volume buttons but these pop in and out with ease. 

Overall you pay for quality. A unique design printed on a quality case!!

Pocket mirror review

Polly has created a range of pocket mirrors before which were a lot smaller. These are a much better size but are still portable and fit in any make-up bag. I think the size difference makes a huge improvement as you can fix your make-up with ease where as the others were more of a lippy mirror. The only downside is the mirror is exposed. Please ignore the mucky-ish design it’s had a lot of use.

Make-up bag review

One of the newer additions are make-up bags. I can’t recommend these enough. They are great quality and seem to have a waterproof finish. The design has a shiny finish and is consistent throughout. There’s simple stitching and a sturdy zip lock. The main attraction is the size. Even though from the outside it looks like any other make-up bag in size, its as if Mary Poppins has worked her magic. The second image shows how much I can fit in, including my naked palette. In my case it’s quite full but this is mainly to show how much you can fit. There’s currently two designs up for sale but I can see Polly bringing out more in the future. 

Shelley xx

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