Six Months Of Motherhood

six months of motherhood - me and jasperI can’t even explain how weird it is to be writing this post… how the hell has it been six months of motherhood already? I currently have seven month old baby who is thriving. It’s both amazing & very scary.

I’ve gone from having a teenie tiny baby who I was a little worried I could break to this bouncy boy who enjoys being thrown in the air in the hopes that I will catch him. Ohh how times change.

Being a mum is both blooming amazing & tad scary but hey I made it this far so I must being doing something right!

Anyhow let’s do a little update shall we; first up is Jasper related then I’ll discuss the motherhood side of it.

Six months of Jasper


Jasper was born 4lbs 1oz & now he weighs over 13lbs. Honestly he’s a little chunk now. Looking back at photos I never realised how small he was. Not just in overall size but he was so skinny & delicate. Now he has all the rolls & looks like your average baby.

He’s still tiny mind; especially for his age. I think he kinda confuses people because he’s doing things a seven month old baby would but still looks about four/5months. It’s quite funny watching people try to work out his age before they ask.

His weight has been on a steady rise & he’s now on the higher end on the spectrum so he’s growing really well. It all makes sense to my health visitor & he’s healthy so that’s all that matters to me.

The scary thing is considering he was seven weeks early; I know have a seven month old baby who is wearing 9-12month clothes which is blooming crazy. He skipped a whole size of clothes because he is so long!


Okay just like his growth he is developing really well too. Obviously he’s slightly behind month wise but considering his prematurity he’s exactly where he should be.

Saying that all babies develop at very different paces & monthly milestones are just set on averages so unless your baby is showing no signs of development don’t panic or worry. Let them be little & go at their own pace. Trust me once they start moving you’ll be wishing you could keep them still for a second!

So now I’ve done the spill where is Jasper development wise? Well he’s currently at the stage where he’s holding his head up & he’s slightly sitting up on his own but he is a lazy boy so we know it may take a little while for him to accept he can do it. He’s bouncing like a crazy boy in his jumparoo & he’s a chatty boy. He’s starting to crawl-ish; he can now move around but he can’t quite crawl yet. He also likes to stand up all the damn time but obviously can’t by himself so I spend a lot of time with him stood on me or wandering around with him (my back hates it!).

Lord this is the stage where he’s frustrated at the things he can’t do even though he does so much.


I don’t know why but sleep is a big one for parents. I think it’s just one way people compare babies & determine is they are good or bad *severe eye roll*. Here’s the thing…. no baby is good & no baby is bad. Babies are just babies! It doesn’t matter if your baby sleep loads & someone else’s doesn’t they are just babies. Leave them be.

Anyway Jasper sleeps fine. Neither fabulous or terrible. Sometimes it’s better than others. We’re currently trying to transition him from our bed to his. It’s a slow process but we’ve had some really successful nights.

He tends to sleep about 10hrs on average a night (we got an app) but he still wakes a few times for feeding. He still prefers to sleep on one of us & his naps mainly require him sleeping on me.

I’m planning to work on his naps once we get the night time sleep sorted just cause it’s a lot to sort out a solid routine. Plus he’s still a bit undecided how much he likes to nap so it’s ridiculously unpredictable right now.


I honestly don’t know it we’ve got a routine sorted or not. I feel like we have a natural routine more than anything. I tend to let him do his thing & we work round him. It’s worked out so far & he’s pretty adaptable so it’s never been a problem.

He know goes to his nan’s on a Friday so I get a whole day to myself just to do blog stuff, house stuff, creating or what ever I fancy.

We do know have a set bedtime routine & it seems to be working for the time being so hopefully with more repetition it becomes natural for him.


I am blessed to have a baby who loves his food. I think it’s more of a you have something so I want it satiation but it means he is willing to eat so who cares. We started weaning him just before Christmas & he’s already eating at least one meal a day. He always has dinner with us & if we go for lunch he’ll have something. On the odd morning I’ll make us breakfast especially if its an early one.

It’s just amazing because he’s willing to try absolutely everything & he loves using a spoon. He hates us stealing his spoon even if it’s just to put more food on it. Currently he’s favourite foods are avocado on toast & tender stem broccoli.

At the moment we are baby led weaning & he is just eating what we do unless it’s something he can’t eat so we give him veggies instead. He’s really enjoying trying everything. So far he’s eaten balti, salmon poke bowl, fish n chips (homemade) & pancakes. Honestly every time he eats something new I’m so proud.


Okay now he’s a little bigger we’ve started some classes so he can socialise & have fun. We’ve booked in swimming which starts next month & he’s just started sensory classes.

Baby sensory is actually really lovely & he seems to be enjoying it. He loves other babies & I think it helps his confidence to be around a bunch of people in one go. Sometimes he gets a little overwhelmed when he’s in a room full of people but because there’s other babies he seems to be more comfortable.

Six months of motherhood

Now we’ve established Jasper has changed a lot how has the past six months of motherhood changed me?

Well I definitely feel a lot more confident than when he was a newborn. I feel like I can manage a lot more & multi task like a man women.

I don’t feel like I’m gonna break him at any given time & I feel like I’ve got to know him really well. I know what he likes & what he really doesn’t. It makes even the simplest of tasks a hell of a lot easier.

Motherhood is a lot more fun now he wants to do more. Its more tiring for sure & sometime I miss the days when we just snoozed all day but hey he’s more of a person now.

I still get overwhelmed & my house still feels like an absolute mess. I’ve already got way more baby toys in the little room than I’d like & his pretty nursery is a hub for washing that needs to be put away but I’m slowly getting there.

Some days I feel like I need more help & other days I just want people to leave me be. I think I have more confidence in my skills as a mother than I do in a lot of things.

There are days where he just cries at me all day long & I want to return him but then there are days when he’s so funny & fun that I’m like how did I make you?

Motherhood is definitely easier six months down the line but it’s still a journey. He’s growing everyday & I need to adapt just as fast to keep up with his development.

Shelley xx

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