Soap & Glory Skincare Review

No clogs allowed heated mask

The greatest scrub of all

Last week I was back in college having a bit of a flap and decided to take a mental health day. On my ride home I thought it might be a good idea to grab a few face remedies to cheer myself up. Turns out to be a great idea. I never used this brand much but after investing in their eyebrow products and reading reviews I thought why not. I picked up two products relevant to my face situation and they’re working a treat!!

Heated Mask: This product I’m still on the fence about, it’s worked to clear some pores but I’m still at the testing stage to get it right. I need to get the correct amount to use to get all the results required. The mask itself is really nice, it applies well and spreads evenly. Once you’ve applied it you massage it in and it changes colour and begins to heat. It only needs to be kept on for a short time but I leave it on slightly longer. Once I perfect the heating section I can see this working a treat. It’s already smoothed my nasal area and meant my make-up is easier to apply. 

Exfoliating Scrub: This product will forever stay in my collection. I may try their alternative exfoliating scrubs in the future but this is definitely a great product. It has a lot of “grit” within the scrub to exfoliate; I had looked at the consistency of the others before purchasing and this had the most. The scrub is easy to apply, massage and comes off  quickly. I leave mine on during showering and it leaves my face smooth as hell. I love the transformation; my skin is slowly clearing and it’s helping my skin condition a lot. 

I can’t wait to see how my skin turns out after using this for a few weeks, as the results are already positive!! If there’s any skin products you think I’d love please let me know. I’ll be posting every Wednesday from now on (I’ll try my best promise!!) so I’ll see you next week. 

Shelley xx

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