Southampton Haul

So I finally moved out of my uni house and left uni all together today. It feels like a weight has been lifted. Me and mum had to travel to Southampton to finalise things and we thought why not treat ourselves (me treat us more like). I have been working everyday for months so I think its all justified (maybe got a little more than I should oops). Anyway more details below. 

 Disney store: 

Mike uni plush (£14)

Marie mug (£8)

As you can see I’m such a child and had to pop into the Disney store when I had the opportunity. My  love for monster inc hasn’t died just yet so I couldn’t resist this plush; its now joining my ever growing collection oops. I also need a new mug as my mother smashed mine and this was the only character I really liked. It’s super cute and I can have huge cups of tea now. Also bought Kane a present for next week but can’t reveal that just yet. 

New look: 

Watermelon clutch (£9.99)

Who doesn’t love this fruity trend right now? I am obsessing over pineapple and watermelon pattered/shaped items at the moment. I’ve been lusting over this since I saw it on New look’s instagram and it took forever to come out. So many bloggers seemed to be receiving one so when I saw it in store it had to be mine. It is so perfect. 


Dress (£42)

Ripped knee jeans (£38)

Topshop is my go to shop for jeans because when you’re a skinny shorty with long legs nowhere seems to stock appropriate jeans. I usually go for joni jeans but I really wanted a pair of ripped jeans and these have knee rips. I’m also adding more white to my wardrobe, no one would have expected that. I love this dress because it has a cute cutout (you can see more clearly in the image below) so it shows of my new tattoo. It’s also made from a rather lightweight but thick material which makes it really lovely to wear. 


White lace kimono (£7)

Sandals (£8)

Sunglasses (£2)

I rarely buy clothes from Primark these days but this kimono was super cute, bit long but I need a white jumper or kimono to match my new summer wardrobe and this was a bargain. I also am slowly adding a few open toed shoes to my collection which I never thought I would. These are super simple and lightweight for the summer months. I also grabbed a cheap pair of sunglasses because my others broke. 

Please remember I also use my student card in most shops, so prices are cheaper but I put the original prices for you guys. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun and lets all hope it stays from now on. Please let me know what kind of posts you want to see next month by commenting below. 

Shelley xx

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