Spectrum Collections Zodiac Review

Remember back in November when I did that five minute makeup look & said I was uber excited about the Spectrum zodiac launch? Well of course I made a purchase & I’ve been testing them out ever since. I kept getting asked to do a post so here’s my spectrum collections zodiac review minus the lipsticks. That’ll come later I promise!

We are all aware that I am a huge fan of Spectrum Collections but this is a totally honest review & isn’t sponsored. I have worked with them since (yay!) but my Insta followers voted for the lipstick collection reviews to come separate so all the products featured are purchased with my money.

Now the disclaimers are all out the way let’s get on with the review shall we?

Spectrum collections zodiac review

Zodiac eyeshadow palette

We have to start with this beautiful palette because it was the one item I knew I wanted to get straight away. That yellow gold was just screaming “buy me” & as you can see its definitely the most used. It’s blooming lush.

The palette itself is really simple with a square design, a large mirror & 9 reasonable sized colours. It has 3 matte shades, 3 metallics & 3 duo chromes so you get a bit of a mixture. I’m not usually one to go for chromes or metallics but I really liked the colours in the palette so I thought it was time to try them out.  I’m going to be totally honest with you & say I’m not entirely sure which are the chromes other than lunar cause as you can see its got the pink/white hues.

I really love the colours in this palette but at first I wasn’t really 100% sold on it as a whole. I hadn’t used similar formulas so I found the more metallic colours hard to apply & I much prefer my makeup to be as simple as can be.

spectrum collections zodiac review - zodiac eyeshadow swatches

spectrum collections zodiac review - zodiac eyeshadow review

I can now happily say its one of daily palettes because I persevered & made it work for me. The two nude mattes are lovely & can create a really easy day look & the matte black is black as can be. I don’t know if its my favourite black in my collection but its very dense & a true black. It just is a little harder to blend because it is so dark but I don’t tend to use a lot of black in my routine so it might just be my lack of skills again… ha!

Onto the metallics which are my favourite, they are divine & so pigmented! After a bit of experimenting I worked out the easiest way to apply them is either with a finger or if you have nails like mine & don’t wish to poke yourself then using a small flat brush like the A07. The colours I use most are solstice, constellation & redmoon because they just add such a fab pop of colour on the lid. You can clearly tell I am absolutely loving solstice by the mess I’ve made to the pan.

I haven’t tried the metallics wet which is something they suggest but I just haven’t felt the need to. They work really well dry but I can imagine they look just as beaut wet.

I will say that as much as I love the colours & formulas in this palette I don’t really ever do full looks using it. I find its not something I could just pack for a trip away without one of my regular palettes. I tend to just use the metallics to add to my looks & the mattes on barely there makeup days.

spectrum collections zodiac review - Sunray highlighter

spectrum collections zodiac review - Sunray highlighter swatch

Sunray highlighter

I was really undecided if to go for the cosmic drops or a powder highlighter but I know I’m much more a powder kinda gal so I opted for this one. I absolutely love the design of this & it just looks divine. The colour bubbles are so luscious & really add all those elements of gold without being too much.

I use this highlighter a lot because the colour really compliments my skin tone, it’s really bendable & it’s not in your face glow. I’m not one for over the top highlighting just because I don’t go all out on my makeup so this one is perfect for me. I do wish it packed a little more punch but it’s buildable so it’s not a problem for me.

I think if you do want that pow type glow layer this on a liquid highlighter. Plus if gold isn’t your colour there’s a pink version which if I didn’t have the totally wrong skin tone I would buy cause its so damn pretty.

Dark matter mascara

The final product I picked up was the mascara because I am desperate to find a fab vegan & cruelty free alternative to my fav. I have to say that this one is okay but it doesn’t replace my fav. It’s very black, last all day & you can remove it easily so you don’t end up rubbing your eyes raw.

The only reason it’s not my number one go to is because I just don’t find it makes as much of an impact as my daily one. I feel like I would need to curl my lashes alongside it but its very pigmented & doesn’t clump at all.

I think mascara is such a tricky one to review because it works so differently for everyone. I personally hate better than sex but everyone speaks so highly of it. This one is so affordable that if you wanted to try it than it wouldn’t break the bank!

Overall thoughts

Anyone who follows me or read this blog knows I’m a huge fan of spectrum so the fact they are doing cosmetics just gives me another reason to splurge on them. I really think this first collection shines & was worth the wait. Obviously I haven’t tried the whole range but everything I have tried has impressed me.

I’m not a huge buyer of cosmetics anymore because I’ m trying to be less wasteful but I just had to add these to my collection. The palette is now part of my everyday makeup & I really love the highlighter too. As I’ve said the mascara doesn’t replace my go to but it’s still a lovely product & I’ve seen a lot of better results on socials. It just seems to not pack as much of a punch for me.

Have you tried range? If so what were your thought?

If not has my spectrum collections zodiac review made you wanna add something to your collection?

As always here’s my referral to get you 15% off your first purchase (I get points if you use it!).

Shelley xx

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