Spring Cleaning || Creating A Better Wardrobe

The past few months I’ve realised how much I hold onto things that I no longer need. Sounds crazy but I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to items I own. I love holding onto anything that has a memory. I had tonnes of bits & bobs stored away that remind me of people & experiences. However it’s time to let go of the pointless things; I have items I’ve never used or will never use. 

Since Jacob is moving in next month I had to make room & I decided to kick start this clear out by sorting through my draw of bits!! I had stuck things in storage from my move & it was time to actually have a look at what I own. I threw out a bunch of pointless items I had accumulated & by the end of it I was able to clear the whole draw. Now he has he’s own draw!! I condensed the rest of my items into two storage boxes from Ikea that now can be stored at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Next it was clothes; we all hold onto items we’ll never wear but I was determined. This time round I had a plan in mind; I wanted to redesign my wardrobe to fit a new style I was leaning to. I want my wardrobe to be simple & full of staple items that can be matched together easily. I don’t need loads of clothes to create this. Turns out my wardrobe is a huge miss-match of items at the moment so I ended up filling three rubbish bags. I was able to condense my folded clothes to create more space & be easier to select items. I’ve reorganised my underwear & I just need to sort them into separators to give Jacob room for his too. 

I’m not going to lie & say I’ve gotten rid of everything I should have. My wardrobe still has a variety of items because I like both colourful & muted looks. I still may not wear some of the items but for now I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve currently put items up for sale on my depop (here) & more will be listed next week. Once they have been listed for a while I will be donating any unsold items to local charity shops. I have no need for these clothes but hopefully others will. 

I’ve still got a long way to go. I have other storage units to sort through but for now I have really cleared a lot of space for both myself & Jacob. I want to keep this new minimalist outlook & any purchases from now on will have to be staples. I’m trying to save & hold back on my spending. If you would like to shop my wardrobe please head over to my depop. I have lots on offer & more to come.

Shelley xx

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