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Remember when I was gonna make these posts a regular thing…. well I’m back with a summer favourites. I’ve actually had quite a lot of time on my hands to binge tv & read during the past few months so there’s no better time to share a bunch of favs.

Summer Favourites

What I’ve been watching

Here goes the heaviest portion of the bunch cause we all know I love a day on the couch with a good tv show!

During my pregnancy we finished binge watching Law and order SUV. At least the ones available on now tv (if you know where we can watch the rest please let me know) Then we moved onto the hit show Chernobyl which was really good. I can see why it was so popular. I didn’t realise how little I knew about it we watched it.

Once we had finished that series & the baby arrived I moved onto Glee. I had previously watched a few series but this time I binged the whole lot of them & loved it. I forgot how much I love a cheesy, ott storyline. Plus I love musicals so I couldn’t resist giving it a second go. I was a little sad to see it end tbh so I moved onto Sex & the city again. It’s just so easy to watch & I love Samantha’s take on events.

My current series I’m solo watching is nurse Jackie. I still on the first season but enjoying it so far. Jacob & I are currently watching how to get away with murder together which is jam-packed with twists & turns. I had heard it was a good watch but its different to how I expected & I’m really enjoying it.

A few notable programmes I’ve also watched are; Queer eye (cause its Queer eye), I am a killer (interesting watch), Stranger things (newest season not as good as previous but still good) & Instant hotel (Australian accents & juicy competition).

Also there’s been a bunch of good parenting programmes that I’m sure most people know about but if you don’t then my two favs are; working mums & the let down. Working mums consists of following different mums’ paths when it comes to work. Very tongue in cheek & has a modern take on motherhood. The let down is an Australian programme which follows the path of one mum who is struggling & joins a mum group. It isn’t so focused on the working mum but rather different kinds of mums & is also very funny. Both just make you feel very normal & help you laugh at your own journey.

Honestly I’m watching so many programmes at the moment. I find Netflix keep releasing really good programmes at the moment. It’s kind of handy considering I’m on maternity leave but I’m going to end this segment here.

What I’ve been reading

Other than a parent book I haven’t read too much. I find it the hardest thing to focus on but when I can find to read I do find it really relaxing. Right now I have a huge list of books I would like to read but until I learn to switch off that’s not going to happen.

I have found one book I enjoy reading which is Unnatural causes. It a first hand account from a top forensic pathologist which I find fascinating. He explains the post-mortems he’s performed & how he discovered his speciality. If you are interested in true crime then I would highly suggest picking this up. I’m so close to finishing it so I may have a review up in the future.

What I’ve been listening too

Right apart from the Glee soundtrack I have listened to a range of podcasts. You’ll be happy to know I don’t just listen to crime podcasts anymore. A recent favourite of mine is Fearne Cotton’s happy place where she interviews celebrities on a range of topics. It’s a refreshing podcast to listen to & quite easy to focus on.

Another new favourite is this podcast will kill you which isn’t a crime on but a medical one. It’s about infectious diseases & the ladies explain how it can infect you. They are both qualified disease ecologist so they know their stuff. It isn’t too information heavy because it is still a comedy podcast but you definitely finish an episode having learnt something new.

Other than those I have been keeping up with my usual crime podcasts & testing out a few new ones. Now I’m at home more I tend to watch tv more than listen to podcasts so I definitely have a lot to catch up on.

What I’ve been loving

Ahh this is a tough one because I feel a bit stumped what to say.

One thing I’ve really loved about this summer is visiting west Wales & staying down the caravan. It’s not all because of the glorious ice cream either. I’ve enjoyed just taking a break out of my life & pretending I live down by the beach.

I’ve also enjoyed wearing my Lucy & Yak dungarees to death & spending all my money on their site. Honestly I have at least 5 styles now.

I recently purchased a few bits from Milk makeup & so far so good. In my last post I said about wanting to try them so it’s nice to see I got around to it.

I’ve been enjoying being off work & getting to spend time doing what I want with fab people. It’s nice to feel that freedom you don’t get with full time hours. It’s meant theres been lots of days out including multiple trips to get who cult doughnuts & pick sunflowers.

Finally if you noticed my blog going through little changes it’s because I joined Grow & Glow which is a hub for creators. It’s been a long time coming but I think I’ve finally found my people in the blogging community. It’s a really helpful hub full of resources to help you excel at building your brand. I’m only at the initial stages but I can already see it making a difference. Here’s an affiliate link if you fancy joining.

Shelley xx

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