Surgery Decisions & Options

This is a big post for me & I wasn’t sure if I was completely ready to discuss this with my readers but from past experience I found it so therapeutic to express myself in words. I’ve been posting a little on my social media quite recently about taking some new steps for myself & I thought I’d discuss what’s going on with you guys.


I have to admit this isn’t a new decision I’ve made; but at the same time it’s pretty new as it’s the first time I’ve made steps to cement my decision. I guess like every teenager I’ve hang ups I thought about fixing but I have taken my time to get to this stage. I’m 22 going on 23 & ready to take some steps towards making a final decision. Its hard for me to talk about because it’s not a straight forward I want bigger boobs situation. There’s a lot more to it but it’s also a bit weird discussing it with people outside my small circle.

Lets get onto why shall we? Basically I’m not looking to have huge boobs for no reason other than wanting huge boobs. I’m looking to get a more proportional natural look that will work with my frame but still increase my size slightly. For obvious reasons of course but I’m also in a predicament where I am happy with my current size as I know it does suit my frame but it can limit my choices of clothes & that can take a toll on my self confidence. I’ve had issues in the past where I’ve hated myself & have had to learn to love myself over the years. I basically want to increase the volume in the top areas of my bust to give me a more natural cleavage that I can feel happier with.

Pretty simple right? On the other hand I am literally only enquiring with a few clinics right now because I’m still waiting for a NHS appointment. Not to do with a boob job, but to discuss my health & my risk of developing cancer in the future. This is getting heavier by the minute;but the low down is I have to have an appointment to access my genes & the likelihood of developing issues in the future due to my family history.

As you can see all these decisions are in a really early stage & I have a lot to consider. I won’t be rushing into any final decisions & I’m happy just to have a few consultations to get the reality of my situation & my opinions at this time.

If anyone wants to talk to me about which places I’m consulting with please pop me a comment or email. I’ll be happy to write some progress post depending on if you guys are interested. I feel like I’ve rambled a bit so I hope I made sense. I understand there’s people in my position to & I’m always here to talk to!!

Shelley xx

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