Taste of London food festival

Last week me and Kane made many trips into London but one of our favourites was the London food festival held in Regent’s park. I’ve never been a foodie but considering I’m dating a chef, a visit was in order. I wanted to share a few items we tried and a bunch of images. Don’t worry it’s a photo heavy post for once. 

(Chicken liver mousse, bacon jam, toast – Tredwell’s from Marcus Wareing)

(Vietnamese scotch egg – The house of Ho)

(Candy skull – The after shot experience)

(Strawberry daiquiri ice cream – Drunken dairy)

(Passion fruit & orange pot – Pots & CO)

(Portlebay popcorn)

(Crab soup, spiced lollipop, Balvenie Carribean cask – Roux at Parliament square)

(Bit spicy)

(Havana mojito)

(Miso grilled hot wings – Kurobuta)

(Spiced chicken samosas, Coriander yogurt

Black pepper shrimp, sundried pinepple

Pandan macaron, kaya jam, soy caramel ice cream

Crispy soft shell crab stream bun, Asian slaw, sweet chilli sauce

–Spice Market) 

(Harry Bromptons – alcoholic iced tea)

(The tea brewer- by Growers cup)

(Scallop ceviche, cucumber, balsamic, creme fraiche, dill – L’AutrePied)

(Strawberry Rossini)

I would describe all the food we tasted but that would take forever. It was amazing to try high end products and chef’s menus. I adored the miso chicken wings and all the deserts on offer. It was such a lovely day wandering around being able to sample different products. So, many alcoholic products on offer I’m sure I was slightly drunk at one point. I’d definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance. Just make sure to take lots of cash. 

The taste of London returns the 19th to the 22nd of November for their winter session!! 

Shelley xx

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  1. June 26, 2015 / 6:56 pm

    This looks like such an amazing event and eventhough I can't eat half the foods (due to my allergies/intolerances) it's such an amazing experience to be able to look at these different foods! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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