The Barn At Glanoer

The barn at Glanoer - view from bed

If you hadn’t already noticed from my Insta spam I recently took a week off from reality & stayed in the barn at Glanoer for a staycation. It was the perfect getaway & apart from a few moments of stress (thanks to taking flatlays!) I was able to take time out & relax. Even though I mentioned it in my previous update I had to devote a full post to this beautiful barn & our stay.

The barn at Glanoer - house sign The barn at Glanoer - cottage size viewThe barn at Glanoer - bed view & bath view collage

First things first; how beautiful is this setting! The cottage is a converted barn with the two floors & a full front facing window. It’s perfectly lit as you can imagine & even though we were blinded when the sun was at its max it was lush to have the view we did. We had a full cottage to just relax & do all the things we can’t living at home with parents. Who wouldn’t want to have a balcony in their bedroom & to wake up to a view of your own stream?

We cooked, watched movies, lit the fire & just enjoyed our time away. I literally fixed my sleeping pattern during that week. I fell asleep when I was tired & woke up with the sun. I never thought I’d be able to sleep without curtains but turns out it works miracles. I was up early every day… on my week off. I repeat early everyday.

We were surrounded by wildlife thanks to the hosts chickens & all the bird feeders on the property & we got to watch the days pass from our living room. There’s so much land to explore to but as you may know we got completely snowed in at one point so exploring wasn’t our top priority.

The barn at Glanoer - kitchen The barn at Glanoer - book window shelf The barn at Glanoer - full cottage front view

There was a bath right beside the bed so I took the opportunity to get some stunning photos… ohh & bathe of course. It was pretty much a dream holiday home; a tad too small to be somewhere we could live but nethertheless the perfect retreat. Plus it was the perfect backdrop for tonnes of blog photos.

I know, I know I should have left blogging to one side & actually taken time off but you have to take photo opportunities when they arise & well I now have content ready to go. Win Win for me.

Our hosts were also lovely & had the cutest dogs. They were so well trained so if you aren’t keen on dogs they won’t fuss you but it is their garden too so you will see them running about. Our hosts picked up extra supplies when we were snowed in & left us a hamper to welcome us. Not only were they just next door for any advice they wrote the most useful guide to the house & surrounding areas. They included tonnes of ideas for days out & trails you can walk on their property too.

The barn at Glanoer - snow collage The barn at Glanoer - front garden stream The barn at Glanoer - chicken coop view

The land the property stood on was divine; we had chickens roaming around which was pretty scary at first. I’m just not a bird person at all but after feeding them for a few days they were less scary. FYI chickens move so fast, especially when they are hungry!

We had a stream in our front garden & you guys all know how much I love a water feature. It was so peaceful, even when we got snowed in. I hadn’t seen that much snow for years so as you can imagine I was in my element. I may have enjoyed it a tad too much because I managed to lose my phone in ankle deep snow. It took us just under an hour to find it & a lot of snow shovelling on Jacob’s part.

The barn at Glanoer - selfie collage

I pretty much spent the week is comfy clothes & Jacob’s jumper. It was pretty cold & we had no plans so why not? It was nice to get away for a week, leave all my troubles at home & just be a complete slob really.

If you would like to visit yourself search the barn at Glanoer on skye cottages, make sure to book early & take lots of photos! My only tip would be to make sure you have lots of mobile data ready because the internet can be patchy. You are out in the country so you can understand but it’s also great for a detox from the net too. There’s lots of dvds, books & board games on hand so you won’t get bored!

Honestly already dreaming of another cottage break away. I just want to be surrounding by greenery, birds & lots of lambs! I think I’m turning into a country girl & I’m not ashamed to admit it. There’s still lots of Insta spam to come; sorry not sorry. If you have any great recommendations for cottages please let me know in the comments!


Shelley xx

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