The Doodle Apps I Use For Instagram

doodle apps for instagram - question marksThis week is all about answering the questions I get on Instagram it seems & one I get asked in my DMs the most is how do I doodle on my pictures? I guess its about time I make a blog post on it & share the doodle apps I use for Instagram!

Firstly I’m no artist but I do enjoy a good doodle so I use pretty basic apps rather than procreate like the pros do.

Secondly doodle feeds are becoming really popular on the gram & I’m loving seeing everyone’s creativity flourish but rule of thumb try to be original cause it’s pretty obvious when styles are lifted from other accounts.

I follow some amazing feeds such as; imiimace, creatiffi, af.illustrations, rhiannaoliviab, shannonbeazeley & teadayblogs. There’s a little more inspiration for you to get started with & here’s the apps to get going with

Doodle apps for Instagram

doodle apps for instagram - ghost doodle

doodle apps for instagram - rainbow sketch

doodle apps for instagram - doughnut & dots

doodle apps for instagram - weave squiggles

Adobe Sketch

The first app I discovered & the one I use the most is Adobe sketch. It’s part of an array of apps developed by Adobe but its a pretty basic one for just general sketching. It has a bunch of textured pencils which you can edit the size, colour & colour density.

I tend to use it on my iPad with a basic pen I bought from amazon. No fancy Apple Pen for me.

It also has layers like you would in photoshop so you can draw different things on each layer to see how well they work. You can also hide layers & move then around too.

It has a few basic shapes & a ruler too for drawing but I tend to just wing it rather than use them.

I think it’s pretty handy for drawing detail pieces like the rainbow but also really simple doodles like the lines or dots.

If you wanted to create a tailored colour scheme like your brand colours you could upload then as a picture layer, select them & save them. Then either delete or hide that picture layer.

doodle apps for instagram - lightning bolts

doodle apps for instagram - outline & text doodle


Okay so Picsart is a popular app which I think a lot of people use. It’s basically an editing app so you can do way more than doodling on it. I don’t necessarily doodle with this app but I use it to layer images & textures to my pictures instead.

There is a drawing section on there but I prefer to use the stickers already or my adobe sketch for actual drawing. There’s so many stickers to choose from that you can really create a detailed piece with this app.

You can also create layers & change your original picture a lot. There’s tonnes of guides on there as well that you can follow with your own image.

This app can do a lot & I haven’t really delved that deep into it.

But guys you’ll be happy to know that outline everyone puts on their images is from this app! Click on effects, sketch & play around with it!

doodle apps for instagram - glitter doodle

doodle apps for instagram - coffee and stars

A Design kit

This is a recent app I’ve downloaded & I know a lot of creators recommend it. I’m not going to lie it’s not my favourite. Mainly because most of the features require payment or you to join the subscription & I just want to use the free versions.

Saying that I did recently buy a design pack of 52 images. It’s alright but I probably wouldn’t buy anymore.

I mainly use it for the brushes. It only has a few sizes but you can draw in silver or gold & glitter colours which I find fab. Plus if you draw in a colour you can then save it, move it around & layer another colour on top to change it.

It’s got sections such as adding text, design (which are pre made doodles), stickers & collage (such a tape/stars).

It does actually have a fair amount on it but I do find you could possible recreate some of the bits on the free version of picsart.

doodle apps for instagram - spectrum doodle

doodle apps for instagram - ghost doodles

Those are the three doodle apps I use for Instagram either on their own of as a combination (see above). Sometimes I prefer one over the other. Right now most of my edits are down on adobe sketch because I’m loving playing around with them. Other times I just want a quick edit so I’ll use the others.

It’s all about playing around with them & seeing what you create. I’d love to see your doodles if you post any so please tag me @bybusby in them!

Also if you have an app I should try out & add to the list let me know in the comments.

Shelley xx

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