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Back in my early teens, I received a set of tiny perfumes including this beautiful scent. Being so young perfume wasn’t a big deal for me and out of the set this was the only one I was keen on. Since then this has been my everyday go to perfume. It’s forever in my handbag, and considering I have about 15 new perfumes I just can’t resist this scent!! 

Gone are the days of a tiny bottle!! I’ve purchased two of these 30ml bottles over the past few years and I’m sure it’ll be forever in my collection. As you can tell the bottle is super cute and compact so it’s perfect travel size. It’s pretty sturdy too (no glass) so it can handle being bumped around in a purse. What I like most is even though the bottle is small it has a spray top. You usually end up having the lid which you pop off and have to dab like the old fashion days. Sprays are also more effective, so you can spritz and go. This bottle also last a year or two even being used on a daily basis. 

Considering I am allergic to most things, I’ve never had a reaction which is great for those with sensitive skin. The scent is every so light and refreshing. Depending on how much you spritz it can be subtle or have more of an impact. It has a really refreshing undertone and feels so light on the skin. That such a weird comment to make but it’s true, the delicate scent just feels really lightweight. There’s not a distinct floral scent, it just has a really simple smell. I think it really gives you a boost on a warm day or a night out. I’m the worst person to describe smells but I had to share this hidden gem with you guys. I think this perfume suits any age and is really transferable to any occasion. If you are one for heavy, musky scents I wouldn’t say this is for you. However if you’re looking for a light scent ready for summer this is a complete bargain. It’s been out for a few years considering I’m nearly 22 now so it’s really fairly priced. 

I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

Shelley xx

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