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When you think of a blogger; what do you picture? Maybe someone in pajamas sitting in bed with a Mac book on their lap & a cuppa to one side. Maybe you picture a savvy dressed girl boss who’s invited to a bunch of swanky events.

Well you could be correct because there are days when I’m sat in bed at home just like now writing up blog posts with my Mac on my lap & yes there are some fabulous ladies who dress to kill at blogger events. That is one side of the reality of blogging but trust me there are many more that sit alongside that!


I’m sure most of us follow beautiful curated Instagram feeds that make blogging look amazing & pretty fabulous but behind that feed is a blogger who is doing tonnes of behind the scenes blogging that aren’t as fabulous.

Blogging isn’t easy & it takes a lot of time & determination to get to the stage where sponsored content comes your way & you get invited to events. Blogging isn’t as simple as it looks & sometimes it can be utterly frustrating which puts a different perspective on those perfect feeds.

Not only are you working hard to come up with post ideas, you then have to shoot content which is the bane of my life, edit, write up your content keeping it as original as possible & then promote it to actually get people to see it. Time goes into creating content & it’s not only the content bloggers have to worry about.

Promotion is a key aspect of blogging & we all recognise that side well, but there are soo many more behind the scenes factors that contribute to running a blog. You have to constantly organise your blog to keep it fresh may that be adjusting your layout or theme to updating back links for SEO. It’s all a bit more complicated than what is presented to you as a finished article.

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Other than running your blog itself the blogging world isn’t always the friendly place we want it to be. There is constant drama every where you look; just take a scroll on your twitter feed & I’m sure you’ll come across some. It’s an everyday thing & its pretty annoying.

You find yourself in a world that isn’t always supportive & you feel like you’re trying to compete with bloggers who seem to be doing everything right. We compare ourselves to the blogger with the perfect pictures, the blogger who seems to have the perfect writing voice or even the bloggers who get invited to all the events we just wish we could go to.

I’m a pretty small fish in this world & I’m not full time so my weekdays are in work; earning the money to keep me going & then blogging in my spare time. I invest a lot of free time because I enjoy it but sometimes that isn’t the case.

Sometimes I feel deflated & frustrated that I’m not one of those bloggers who appear perfect. I can’t always get the beautiful picture I wanted (see the lack of pictures in this post) & sometimes I get way too stressed by something that is meant to be a hobby.

It comes down to a world that unless you’ve been in you don’t really get. I’m tired, very blooming exhausted with the workload I put on myself & sometimes I just want to take a break from it. Recently that was the case & I was in a slump I couldn’t get out of. I was aiming to write this post as a “here I am telling you ByBusby is taking a break” but that’s changed & I feel more motivated.

Blogging isn’t always fun & bloggers work really hard to be current in a world where engagement is at it’s lowest & competition feels at it’s highest. Just remember that bloggers aren’t always thought of as hard workers & we are constantly undervalued by people in our lives, brands & sometimes even ourselves. Blogging is amazing but it’s also not a bed of roses!

Shelley xx

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  • That's just so weird!! Makes no sense for it to drop like that, it may just be a glitch & it'll sort itself out at the next update. Keep doing you & I'm sure it'll be back to normal in no time.

  • This post is so relatable. I’ve been running my blog for close to seven years now and I find it really frustrating to see other bloggers who started out around the same time (or even later!) become so much more successful than me. But, on the other hand, I also feel incredibly proud that I’ve managed to keep it up for so long. It’s so bittersweet and very easy to compare yourself to others but it can be a good thing too sometimes as it helps motivate you to be better also.

    • I know that feeling, I feel like I’ve been totally bypassed! Exactly I’m just blogging for myself now. It’s nice to know people feel the same.

  • Fantastic post. I didn’t realise how much work went in until I started myself. I really enjoy writing about what I love, but it’s so difficult sometimes fighting for organic views, and self-promoting. I really enjoy your writing and your blog, so you go girl!

    • Exactly how I felt; I literally didn’t know what hit me. I understand; engagement is utterly terrible now days. Thank you it means a lot 🙂